Celebrity Chef Andy Yang and founder of Table 38, a Michelin Guide Restaurant, has been rather busy these days. Besides the public baring witnessing to Chef Andy’s signature image; bearded face, signature red cap and white chef’s jacket passing by on the side of city buses, the – otherwise – social Chef took a short hiatus out of the spotlight to focus on one rather pressing matter, a matter to which the Chef divulged exclusively with Bangkok Foodies media, prior to the shift that would change the face of Table 38 forever. 

Table 38, a fine-dining chef’s table located in a fairly hidden, urban location in Sukhumvit soi 38, was forced to make a move, which happened almost instantly.  The restaurant opened in may 2018 would have to find a new home to accommodate the technology-driven, Modern Thai cuisine concept. 

Chef’s Andy’s approach to “using today’s knowledge to tell yesterday’s story”, was recognised by the Michelin Guide, where he earned his first Michlein Star in Thailand for the 2020 Edition. Although not his first encounter with the Michelin Guide, Chef Andy’s Thai restaurant, Rhong-Tiam in New York city was awarded a Micehlin Star back in 2010.

Now, with the Michelin Guide Announcement closely at every aspiring restaurant’s heels, Chef Andy took a bold move to move the famed Table 38 from it’s iconic 38 address into a central Bangkok shopping mall! 

Chef Andy gives Bangkok Foodies the scoop on why the change was imperative, along with what Table 38 fans, old and expectant, should be looking forward to at the new locale. 

Firstly, the question of foodies’ minds, why did you decide to move Table 38?

In the past few months, my mind has been telling me that it’s time for a new chapter and how I could maximize table 38 kitchen and philosophy with a new normal economical business model. I  think November timing is good enough for me to kick start a new chapter and a new chapter begins for us at a new location.  

I am absolutely thrilled to see what this means for me and my guests.  I like to introduce Siam Discovery as the new home for Table 38 and also a new casual dining room concept, ” PI KUL” (ปีกุล) head to tail concept with an Esaan and Northern Thai essence. The new Table 38 offers a true chef’s table and fine dining and also an accessible Esaan concept on the other side sharing kitchen.  Which means our kitchen has created our own ecosystem, one kitchen sharing 2 types of dining room and great ingredients, that’s thinking about zero waste and sustainability. 

How is the cuisine and restaurant design different at the new Table 38 location, if at all?

We had 5 different sets of menu and I’m sure even with the waiting list we only have one table and not evey one has tried our complete menu yet. So in another word this is the exact same Table 38 with the same menu, same technique, same team. 

Set up is still the same mood and tone. One long communal table is the core of the chefs also with the long pass and kitchen behind the scenes. Although our “makeup” has changed shade and tone, our DNA remains intact. “Using today’s knowledge to tell yesterday’s stories”. 

Why did you choose to settle on Siam Discovery as the new location? 

After being located at Sukhumvit 38 for the past 18 months ,moving to a new location gives Table 38 a new life.  Beside Siam Discovery it’s connected to many other popular places in the area that can easily be reached with a skywalk, but what I love is the energy in this area, you can feel it, see it, it’s super vibrant and lively. It’s where our guests can be in the action when hanging out in town but yet own their privacy with us at Table38.  

I think it may have actually always meant to be in this location or maybe a coincidence. I have not yet been able to pinpoint.  Since I was young I always hung out with friends at a cafe in Siam Center in this space. Any teenager in the 90s will know this cafe and we also hang out on the staircase in front of Mcdonald. These 2 places are probably the iconic meeting point of all the teenagers in the 90s in Bangkok. 

Siam Discovery if you really look back it’s probably the fashion and art leading, ever-evolving mall. I would call this iconic mall. I had always said to myself it must be awesome to have a restaurant in this location. I had never imagine that one day my childhood dream would become reality

If you don’t retain your Michelin Star rating for the Michelin Guide 2021, how do you think this will affect you? 

Cooking has been a passion of mine. I treasure every opportunity to further my skill set and learn new techniques in order to influence how people could eat for the better with Thai cuisine. 

The Michelin awards were created with the aim to celebrate and recognise the people in the culinary landscape. And it’s my honour to be recognised by them over the last 2 years and hope that this year Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu and Table38 has served all our guests well with our dishes and let’s await for this year’s announcement! 

In other words, Star would create more traffic in a restaurant and allow chefs to have more cash flow to do R&D and improve and evolve the business.  This is not just for me but it’s meant for every chef in Thailand and the chefs in the world working hard to be accepted and acknowledged by Michelin standards.   

Without a star, I really have not thought of that situation yet. My ego is bigger than my head but if I really have to answer the question I guess without a star I would have to look in the mirror and tell myself to strive harder and work harder. Teach my chefs harder.  After all we F&B chefs, cook & do front of house. Service and cooking is our life, this is all we know. With star or without star we keep on servicing and we keep on cooking.

How can guests book Table 38?  
Guests can book their reservation on our website https://www.table38bkk.com.
Or email: table38reservations@gmail.com
Or call: 083 399 9888 Find it at Siam Discovery Ground floor an archway entrance by an escalator


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