Even though there are plenty of Street Food you can enjoy in Bangkok, only a few establishments are successful when it comes to blurring the line between generations to make old family recipes feel modern again. Yih Sahp Luhk (26 Braised Beef) is one of them; this spin off shop of the 40 years old establishment, Nai Soie Beef Noodle on Phra Athit Road have enjoyed their success in Charoen Krung for the past couple of years, and now Bangkok Foodies can enjoy their family recipe in the bustling, Sukhumvit area as they’ve just opened their doors to their 3rd branch right off BTS Phrom Phong. “We wanted to introduce our cooking to a wider audience, and we thought Sukhumvit area would be a perfect location for that,” said Khun Phung, co-founder of the restaurant.

26 braised beef

Yih Sahp Luhk meaning number 26, beside being Chef Tee, owner/executive chef’s birthday, in Cantonese writing Yih Sahp Luhk can also be written out with a meaning of ‘easy to cook’. With this concept and the experience working at his mother’s shop, Nai Soey Beef Noodle, chef Tee and Khun Phung, who had studied and worked in Hong Kong opened the door to the original branch in 2017. The green interior, retro Chinese inspired decors along with moody neon lights is a standout from his mother’s Beef Noodle shop. Not only the branding of the shop itself is completely different, but the menu itself has also been elevated as well.

26 braised beef

“I made a few adjustments to make the soup at Yih Sahp Luhk unique, even though we had a recipe from my mother’s shop, ” said Chef Tee in this interview. What makes Yih Sahp Luhk stand on their own are the addition of premium ingredients such as Hotate and Kobe Beef as well. The shop is now well known for their takes on Claypot Rice, where Chef Tee has created his own recipe. 

One of the most popular variations of their Claypot Rice is the Braised Short Ribs Claypot Rice. “We wanted this menu to be comforting and familiar, just like when you’re eating at home,” said Khun Phung. The Braised Short Ribs Claypot Rice has a melt in your mouth texture to enjoy with our special baked rice and if you like a little bit more spice you have an option to dip the beef in our signature chilli sauce. This is a dish that reminded us of mum’s home cooking, for sure!

Beside the original beef noodle and signature Claypot menus, foodies can also enjoy a selection of appetisers such as Beef Salad and bao buns with Kobe Beef Bun and Hotate Bun. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, there are also Hong Kong-inspired desserts at Yih Sahp Luhk such as Hong Kong style Egg Waffle with Fresh Milk Ice-cream and Fried Bao Bun with Fresh Milk Ice-cream filling along with Peanut and Honey Sauce. 

While Yih Sahp Luhk had a humble beginning as a Beef Noodle shop business run by a family, Chef Tee’s unique take on elevating the traditional family’s recipe passed down from generation to generation have proved to be very successful; with Michelin Bib Gourmand 2021 award under their belt and the opening of their Sukhumvit branch, the future is bright for this new generation of Street Food chefs, and that’s not to say, they don’t all need your support!  

Yih Sahp Luhk (26 Braised Beef) at Sukhumvit 33

Hours: Mon-Sun, 10AM – 10PM

Tel: +662 661 3008

Address: Office 1F 75/1 Richmond Sukhumvit 26 Alley, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110


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