Cheese Tea - The New Cheese Craze Sweeping The Globe Now Available in Bangkok

Cheese and Tea, ubiquitous food items which are widely loved and even worshipped all around the world, but never seen as a match and likely for a very good reason.

Yet someone in Taiwan, got it in their right (or wrong) mind, to create an abomination consisting of ice tea with whipped cream cheese on top.


โพสต์ที่แชร์โดย Minh Ngọc (@ngoc.gram) เมื่อ

Surprise! Surprise! it turns out to be a f*king phenomenon. From Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and even Los Angeles! People are either out of their dog-gone minds or this incompatible concoction is actually delicious? It’s been a trend for sometime now but as usual Thailand is a bit late to catch on. 

They claim the cheese tea was created to counteract the bitterness of Chinese Tea, and that the younger generation have grown an aversion to it. Which to me seems like a profound underestimation of Gen ‘Y’s sophisticate palate which should be adept to smashed avocado toast with cherry vinaigrette, sprinkled with flaxeed and drizzled with organic (no-bee-was-harmed) honey. 


At ‘Hey Tea’ in Guangdong China, people line up for hours to get their cheesy tea hit.  I mean the drink is breeding and mutating across the globe at Hipster speed.  At Little Fluffy Head in L.A  created the ‘Dirty Mess Milk Tea’, a black milk tea with creme brulee cream and crushed Oreos. 

There’s even specific instructions on how the tea should be drunk, the tea-houses typically suggests to drink the tea and the cheesy top simultaneously. But how does it taste? One brave soul said that the “foam has a taste and consistency of cream cheese than say mozzarella/Brie/Gouda etc”.

Another blogger described their experience at Hey Tea as … “The first few sips bring pure, sweet, flowery tea ….About halfway through, we start to taste a hint of the salty cheese. It’s subtle at first, and seems to complement the tea surprisingly well”…


โพสต์ที่แชร์โดย SBS Food (@sbsfood) เมื่อ

…and ended with …”Towards the end of the drink, however, our sips begin to summon something sinister: thick, cloying globs of salty cheesy cream. The sensation is like taking a bag of movie theater popcorn and dumping the liquid butter straight into your mouth. Not good. ”


โพสต์ที่แชร์โดย Chinese Daily Food (@chinesedailyfood9999) เมื่อ

The Tea has actually just recently hit the shores of Bangkok since August 2017 but not yet with a bang! You can find it at Heekcaa at Siam Discovery, and it shouldn’t be too long given Bangkok’s obsession with fads and Asian-Pop-Culture, you’ll see them appear in food truck or junk food market stall formats.

I for one, am eager to go and discover it myself and confirm if cheese and tea should wisely and eternally stay apart. How about you Foodies?