The 1st Ever All-Female Chefs Gourmet Festival Held at Sofitel Saigon Plaza, Vietnam from 15th - 20th October 2019 

Bangkok Saigon is set to explode with chefs converting from across Asia, Europe and Australia for a gastronomical showdown which celebrates female chefs. 


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The 4th Saigon Gourmet Week will not only showcase female chefs that bear a star next to their restaurants name but as a platform for female chefs who have greatly contributed to the culinary industry and indeed those who have earned a ‘rising star’ status. The event further promotes, what is already happening in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, becoming one of Asia’s fastest growing culinary hub. 


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The 4th Saigon Gourmet Week will be held at Sofitel Saigon Plaza from the 15th to 20th October 2019, taking over L’Olivier Restaurant, Mezz Restaurant and The Diamond Hall for Cooking Classes from 16th – 18th October, A Gala Dinner on the 19th and Brunch and Dinner Buffets to honor Women’s Day on the 20th October.  


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But who are these talented female chefs?

The festival will bring in Michelin-starred restaurant owners, Chef Julia Komp (Germany) of Zur Tant, Chef Flora Mikula (France) of Auberge Flora, Chef María José San Román (Spain) of Monastrell to cook alongside Chefs…


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Anne-Cecile Degenne from Raffles & Fairmont Makati (France), Chef Beatriz Gonzalez (Mexico – France) of La Grande Epicerie de Paris,


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Pastry Chef Keiko Nagae (Japan – France) of AROME Consulting, Kimsan Sok (Cambodia) Executive Chef of Embassy Restaurant Cambodia,

Celebrity Chef Georgiana Viou (France) and Chef Angela Brown who heads the culinary brigade at Raffles Grand Hotel d’ Angkor (United Kingdom – Australia).


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The Disciples of Escoffier Vietnam will be co-hosting The 4th Saigon Gourmet Week. The French association of more than 25,000 chefs from over 26 countries, sets out to develop young Vietnamese talents by teaching culinary skills. 

The biggest bang for your festival buck will be the highlightChef Battle & Gala Dinner held on Saturday 19th October 2019 in the Diamond Hall of Sofitel Saigon Plaza. All Chefs will lead teams of local female talents to prepare the main course for 120 guests using ingredients from a secret box.


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Foodies may be pleased to know that it’s not all waving a feminist banner for the sake of publicity. A private focus group will also take place for women working in Accor hotels across southern Vietnam, led by Accor’s Chief Talent and Culture Officer for Asia Pacific – Christine Rumble.

Accor’s new initiative, WILD F&B (Women in Leadership Disrupting Food and Beverage), an initiative which sets out to tackle the (very apparent) imbalance of gender diversity in the food and beverage industry by offering support to female talent such as career guidance and thought leadership forums.

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