Just when you thought you saw the last of  mauve lattes and galaxy purple donuts, Pantone declares that 2018 Colour of The Year will be Ultra Violet 18 -3838. If you’re not aware of what this means, in very crude terms, this basically means a colour specialists giant (creator of Pantone Colour Matching System) – every year before the new year – decrees what colour will be haunting Instagram feeds, gracing shop windows and of course, invading our precious glasses and plates.

          Pantone even invent insightful characteristics for each colour which may either makes you want to wretch or begin crocheting a violet hued dream catcher, and this year’s description is no exception, read for yourself. “Pantone Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own” (and that’s just the first paragraph).  

          Thankfully in Thailand, violet or let’s just say “purple”, is an iconic and nationalistic colour for the Thai people. It has long been used in ancient recipes by extracting pigments from butterfly pea flower or creating dishes from taro or sweet potato. So in the spirit of the Pantone 2018 announcement, we’ve found some fun and some delectable dishes available in Bangkok, that will keep you in-colour-trend for the coming Year 2018! 

Tempura Anchan by Raan-Keng

          At Raan – Keng they apply natural Butterfly Pea Flower extract (Anchan) into the tempura batter to create a bizare yet colourful Tempura exprience

Available at: Raan-Keng
9 Kingchinda Alley, Pradiphat Road
Bangkok, Thailand

 Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12:00pm – 2:00pm, 6:00pm – 12:00am (Monday Closed)


Red curry, betel leaf, crabmeat, butterfly pea rice vermicelli

          How to make your curry “pop”?! At the Grand Hyatt Erawan Tea Room they use a Kanom Jeen (typically a thin white rice noodle) dyed with natural Butterfly Pea to accompany their Red curry, betel leaf, crabmeat dish. 

Available at: Tea Room at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok
494 Rajdamri Road
Bangkok,  Thailand, 10330


Kumara (Sweet Potatoes) Fries

          Fish and Chups just got more interesting, at Snapper Bangkok they serve up “Kumara” Sweet Potato Chips,  with sour cream and sweet chili sauce.

Available at Snapper
Sukhumvit soi 8, Bangkok

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 4pm – 12am , Sunday 12pm – 9pm (Monday Closed)


Purple Latte

          When brown just ain’t enough, the barristas at Roastology decided to bring purple back…again.

Available at: Roastology Coffee Roasters
YJA Building, Saladang soi1, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7.30am – 5pm , Saturday 10am – 5pm , Sunday 12pm – 5pm


Sweet Potato Soup

Ultra Violet dishes can also come in liquid form, no more boring soups with this psychedelic version of potato soup. 

Available at: DishCovery
96/6 Yooyen Garden Ratchapruek Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours: Everyday 11am – 10pm


Pumpkin bomb munchy sweet potatoes with pumpkin puree and avocado


          At 3nvy they make an nacho-type appetizer of crispy sweet potatoes arranged in a shape of a flower and dressed with pumpkin puree, advocodo and sour cream. 

Available at: 3nvy
1248 Rama IV, Khlongtoei
Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 9.30pm , Sunday 9am – 3.30pm (Monday Closed)


Chor Muang (violet bouquet)

          Now here is an ancient palace snack, brought back in today’s age. Chor Muang is a  treat of sweet and salty pork and peanut wrapped with rice flour dough and wrapped into flower form.

Available at: Wanlamun หวานละมุน
44/12, Convent road, Silom, BangRakBangkok, Thailand


Yum Voon Sen

          Yum Woon Sen is another timeless dish among the Thais, a simple and spicy noodle salad of mince pork, glass noodles, fresh seafood with zesty lime and fish sauce. The addition of butterfly pea to the glass noodles makes this classic favourite a little more fabulous.

Available at: Eathai
Thanon Phloen Chit, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours: Everyday 10am – 10pm


Butterfly pea and honey syrup

          Let’s not forget beverages in our Ultra Violet line-up. At Baan we found they served an array of butterfly pea cocktails, this particular cocktail is with honey syrup and white grape juice, with a choice to add Lamoon or Gin alcohol.

Available at: Baan Restaurant “Thai Family Recipe”
139/5 wireless Rd Lumpini Pathumwan
Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm (Tuesday Closed)


Sweet Potato Bagels


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          Au Bon Pain have taken their love for bagels to the limit with their purpley Sweet Potato Bagels. Have them filled with Smoked Salmon or Pork or Beef, the choice is yours! 

Available at:  Au Bon Pain Stores


Taro Pie


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          Okay, so we might be taking the piss with this one, but this abomination of an apple pie have been a permenant fixture on the McDonalds menu in Thailand and all over Asia and doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Available at: Mcdonald’s Thailand