3D Mapping Dinners come to Embassy Room at Park Hyatt Bangkok. Dinner Time Story presents “Le Petit Chef”, the Smallest Chef in the World

You have seen the viral videos on your social media feed, and you have been awed by the illuminated animation that moved across the table and onto the plate. You’ve felt that familiar pang of jealousy when observing diners enjoy an elaborate dining experience that would never come to Bangkok, but be a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) foodie no more! Le Petit Chef is coming to Thailand.

Embassy Room in the Park Hyatt Bangkok and Dinner Time Story present “Le Petit Chef”, the Smallest Chef in the World, for the first time in Thailand. The immersive 3D animated culinary journey launches from 27th March and runs until 31st July 2019. Le Petit Chef will “perform” in the private dining room of Embassy Room at the Park Hyatt Bangkok. Over these four months, diners will be treated to a sensory dining experience which follows the footsteps of Marco Polo from Marseilles to Arabia, India, then crossing the Himalayas to China, where 3D animations of birds, boats, and fire-breathing dragons fly over your plate.


Le Petit Chef is the original work of Belgian artist collective Skullmapping, founded in 2010 by the award-winning filmmaker Filip Sterckx and owner Antoon Verbeeck. Visual Mapping shows are typically large production affairs in large public spaces with a complex multitude of projection equipment but thanks to the likes of creators such as those of Le Petit Chef, diners may enjoy such shows but on a much smaller and intimate scale.

“But how about the food!?” I hear the collective cry of foodies. Well, Balraj Pannu, Dinner Time Story’s producer says, “Unlike many other dining shows we have created our story around the food. We believe that the gourmet cuisine should be the main focus, with the storytelling aspect accentuating each dish while also keeping diners entertained and enchanted throughout their meal.”

Le Petit Chef – in the footsteps of Marco Polo – is currently running shows 10 times a week at the private dining room of Embassy Room at Park Hyatt Bangkok will run from 27th March – 31st July 2019.

There will be one seating Sunday to Wednesday: 7:00 p.m. and two Thursday to Saturday: 7:00 ​p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Each journey includes a 5-course dinner menu specially prepared by Chef de Cuisine Pierre Tavernier and a unique 3D animated journey:

JOURNEY A – THB 3,299++ per person food only

JOURNEY B- THB 3,999++ per person food only

WINE PAIRING THB 1,199++ per person

CHAMPAGNE & WINE PAIRING – THB 1,599++ per person

For reservations and group bookings, please visit lepetitchef.asia/parkhyattbangkok


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