Get excited, Bangkok Foodies, there’s a new Chicken contender in town, with a recipe hailing all the way from Jamaica. Frustrated by their quest of finding the perfect Jerk Chicken in Bangkok, Dj duo and couple, Orawan Suppasupphawat and Bradley Hart tried and tested their own recipes before launching Irie Jerk Chicken during the pandemic as a way to share their passion for Caribbean Culture and Jamaican Cuisine to the local market. 

irie jerk chicken

Even though Jamaican Jerk Chicken may seem simple to make, there’s more to this traditional recipe than meets the eye; the signature smoky aroma and the deep flavour of the chicken came from taking the time to marinate it. “We marinate the chicken for at least 24 hours in authentic spices, including real Scotch bonnet peppers,” said Orawan. Unlike varieties of Thai chillies commonly found in Bangkok, Scotch Bonnet peppers give out a slow burning and just slightly tingly sensation in the mouth and on the tongue without upsetting the stomach, meaning you can enjoy more of these smoking beauties straight off the grill!

team irie

After marinating the chicken in authentic spices, Irie slow-cook them over a charcoal grill for 40 minutes to guarantee that the flavours from the spices and smokiness have permeated into the chicken, giving it a beautiful caramelised glaze on the outside.

Their take on Jamaican Jerk Chicken then paired with Rice and Beans, which has been cooked in Coconut Milk and spices along with homemade Coleslaw and Jerk Chicken Sauce, which foodies can choose between two levels of spiciness; mild and spicy very soon. 

irie jerk chicken

Beside looking forward to growing their own Scotch Bonnet peppers and other spices in-house, the musical couple are looking to expand this project into a full-scale Caribbean restaurant. “Right now we are focusing on perfecting other Jamaican recipes such as Jerk Fish, Mac and Cheese for instance,” said Bradley. As music is also a big part of their inspiration, naming Sizzla as their favourite artist, they also want to take on a project that can combine food and music together in the near future.

irie jerk chicken

There’s no better time to support the entertainment and creative community, so if you’re craving the taste of the Caribbean, check out Irie Jamaican Jerk Chicken for cluck sake! 

Irie Jerk Chicken

Tel: +66 98536 6423

Order via Official FB page: Irie Jerk Chicken or Lineman


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