Bangkok’s Fine Dining Urban Farm Restaurant Haoma, Introduces New Plant Based Menu and A La Carte Menu. 

We returned to Haoma for a sit-down meal after many months, and much has changed. Haoma’s setting is now more open and spacious, families settle-in within comfortable distance from other tables. 


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Guests appear bright eyes with big smiles and cameras phones at the ready after every dish was announced by either the mask-ed servers or Chef himself. Those looking for intimacy coupled-up by the window banquette with a view of the urban farm lit by an uninterrupted Bangkok moonlight. Although the streets were empty, Haoma’s seats were almost half full. A busy night for most restaurants these days. 

It’s the Haoma you knew but older and somewhat wiser. Which is when we can say, Haoma has opened up their menu to vegetarians and vegans with their new plant-based 10 courses tasting menu 2790++. On top of this, Haoma also welcomes diners to enjoy their a la carte dishes, dishes which were created out of necessity during the Covid-19 restaurant shutdown. 

Those comfortable yet sophisticated comfort meals became so loved, Chef and owner Deepanker Khosla (DK) said that it seemed only natural to extend it from its mobile position to a permanent space on the tables. 


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We had the opportunity to try a few of the plant-based dishes. The Tandoori Broccoli was beautiful in its simplicity; smokey, fibrous and little crunchy, the “keffir” was its perfect companion; creamy and fatty but of course, without the presence of dairy. 

The  Nilgiri Korma vegetarian was a revelation, this is as green as the earth in your mouth gets. Vegans prepare for the night of your lives, and as funny as that sounds reading out loud, in our observation and experience, there are few and far between plant based menus that could equal the taste sensation of robust protein-based dishes but Haoma manages to reach those expectations – flavour wise. If in the mood for something hearty to accompany your curries, the Vegetarian Biryani in claypot would be the immediate choice.  


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Although it’s time to give plants food the spotlight, there’s something we must recommend for the Pescatarians. The Seafood Madras comes out looking more like a rich soup but when poured into the plate and dipped by with crusty Garlic Butter Naan, it has, both a silken and fluffy viscosity, where the taste of fresh prawn and seafood permeates the entire mouth. It offers creaminess and seafood flavours which are still delicate yet punchy. 


Vegans can also enjoy a Beverage Pairing at 2590THB+, curated by resident sommelier, Vishvas Sidana, who also carves out his bespoke ice by hand and iron stamps them with the Haoma’s iconic symbol, a crazy and senseless labour to think of but when you are faced with the beautiful results, you’ll begin to understand that even the seemingly simple offers come with a great deal of passion, style and grace. 

Whilst the heartier and homely dishes will attract a new set of diners looking for flexibility, fine diners may be more inclined to revisit Haoma’s signature “MOUNTAIN, SEA, URBAN FARM’ 10 courses tasting menu 2790++. We know we were pining to experience it again and on our next adventure to this urban farm fine dining oasis, will surely make that the first priority. 


Haoma Bangkok 
231/3 Sukhumvit Soi 31
Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Bookings: 093 014 3002

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