Food connoisseur, Bangkok blogger has had a long-time presence on the blogging circuit. Now, Wan from launches her own range stews for delivery-only, specialising in “beef lips”. Not to be confused by the style of application of lipstick (brown liner and beige inner colour), beef lips are often the undesirable off-cuts of meat, due to their unappealing aesthetics and relative difficulty to cook and convert into a meal. However you can frequently find them in Mexican tacos, potted-canned meats and even in pet food, but the way most home cooks and adventurous foodies like to have it is as a beef stew.

Wan said of her meaty beef stew passion, “ It’s very succulent, tender after it is braised with love for long hours, its texture if cooked well is similar to beef cheek and tongue. I totally adore it and want to spread my love for Beef Lips to the world. Hence, Beef Lips Stew in my style.”

Wan, apart from being a Bangkok blogger, is a food connoisseur and epicurean who has travelled the world extensively to submerge herself in the local ingredients, flavours, and cuisines said of her cooking style, said “it comes from a combination of my experience in living abroad, going on journeys, participating as a judge in Iron Chef Thailand TV Show.” she continued, 

“These opportunities as a Bangkok blogger allowed me to observe many world-renowned chefs and Michelin-starred chefs closely. From street food around the world to fine dining, these experiences reflect on my cooking, which I view as a collaboration of knowledge, expertise, and experience” 

Wan cooks her beef stew by sous vide method, not only to make it tender but to infuse flavour and fragrance of fresh herbs; rosemary, sage, thyme, tarragon, and more. Wan chooses her ingredients based on freshly available seasonal ingredients. 

The tendered Beef Lips are braised with caramelized onions which have been deglazed with alcohol and Bouquet Garni. Using selected ingredients like imported butter and olive oil, and additional seasoning such as Cambodian Kampot, Pepper Himalayan pink salt, and some other “secret’ ingredients, you’ll end up with what is described as Wan’s Beef Lips Stew. offers variety of beef stew

Bangkok foodies took the advantage to try Wan’s stew and can confirm the experience is certainly unconventional to other stews around town but we loved its uniqueness. The beef lips offer a bouncy and a little tickly-on-tongue texture. 

The stewing liquid is packed with rich beefy flavours, accents of bright herbs with a mild, sweet finish. We recommend trying the Beef Lips Stew Original if you want to forgo a lot of sweetness or the Beef Lips Japanese Curry for something more vibrant.  We are pretty sure nobody else in Bangkok is making beef stew-like Bangkok blogger Wan. 

“As a result, I’ve come up with 2 styles of Beef Lips stew that you have never had before.

Beef Lips Stew Original – hearty and comfort food. Recharge yourself with this light, yet heart-warming stew anytime. As a breakfast, light dinner, or just when you want to refresh yourself. This goes well with bread and can also be enjoyed by its own. However, the flavours will be too light for rice.”

“Beef Lips Stew Bold – Strong, bold, salty and sweet flavour. Popular among Thais, as it resembles “Phalo” but without the notes of Chinese Five-Spice. This one goes well with either bread or rice.”

“My latest creation, Beef Lips Japanese Curry, came from my fondness of Furano style curry. Furano is a flora town in Hokkaido, Northern Japan, known for its multicoloured flower fields, abundance with local vegetables from its rich soils. This curry is made from scratch. From blending aromatic spices with a roux. No shortcut. No out-of-the-box curry cubes. Therefore, it is strong and hot!!

Wan ( Bangkok Blogger ) Beef Lips Stew Menu: 

200 B with Akitakomachi rice (delivery fee not included, to be determined individually by case). Single dish menu, suitable for one person. 

300 B on its own, without rice. (not including delivery fee). An entree suitable for two, or one if you’re a big eater.

DM her to order through her official Facebook page:

Delivery for Bangkok and vicinity 

– Via Grab/LINEMAN from Ekamai. Delivery fee varies by distance. 

– Via Alpha Same Day. Sent out from me as frozen food at 11 am and should arrive at your place by the evening of the same day. Once thawed, will be ready for reheating and consumption, or can be kept in a fridge to enjoy later. 70 B for up to two boxes.

Chiang mai 

– Via SCG Cool-Ta-Q-Bin. 40 B per box. Usually sent out once or twice a month to my hub in Chiangmai.

Special menu upon request: Pork cartilage stew. Beef Stroganoff, Beef Goulash, Pozole Rojo (it’s not easy to obtain Hominy in Bangkok so I use chickpea and Job’s tears instead.)