Guiding Foodies and Tourists in Bangkok and Thailand: Iconic Nancy Chandler Graphics Announce Their Closure

I think many of you will recall the brightly coloured, squiggly handwritten maps packed with local secrets that helped you navigate your way through towering-escalator shopping malls, sweaty weekend markets and iconic Thai restaurants. We took complicated journeys without BTS Skytrains and Google Maps and instead placed our trust in that crucial piece of unfolded paper that flapped in the warm breeze of a speeding tuk tuk.


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There was something about the charming imagery of pastel watercolours against a white backdrop that made everyone feel so sprightly and adventurous. The art that Nancy Chandler’s Map of Bangkok was ubiquitous and her unique style became an icon of Bangkok’s travel culture. Even after Nancy passed away in 2015, her eldest daughter, Nima Chandler and her team kept it running. That was until yesterday when it was announced on their Facebook page that after 45 years they would be folding up their maps for good.

Nima Chandler stated on their website that despite surviving downturn in tourist numbers, political protests, floods and many other misfortunes the city had to bear over the years, they managed to keep their head afloat. Still with a fragile bottom line and heavy heart, they made the tough but timely decision to close the business. The statement goes on further to say:

” With retained earnings and enough cash to pay full severance to our staff, we’ve made the decision to make a graceful exit, giving our dedicated team the chance to pursue futures with more potential than we can offer. “

So for those of you who once clutched a Nancy Chandler map, here is your last chance to get a hold of what will become a piece of history.

” We are still in business through the end of May 2019, although stores all over Thailand have been largely cleared of Nancy Chandler’s unique Thai maps, cards and gifts as of May 1.


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Une publication partagée par Maps of Bangkok & Chiang Mai (@nancychandlermap) le

Our office remains open, with several opportunities for fans to get great bargains on what we have left from our office, our website, and at fairs throughout Bangkok.
​Select shops will restock and carry our unique collections into later months. Our maps will also still be available on Amazon and, in PDF form, from ourselves going forward. “

Without further ado, Bangkok Foodies salute the Nancy Chandler’s Map of Bangkok team and wish them the very best on mapping out their next journey.

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