Bangkok Foodies Taste-Test Bunless Burers, from Lettuce Wrap to Rice, Try These Tasty Alternatives.

             You know, there are plenty of methods that many people around the world impose of themselves to stay healthy, especially during these times. Many people have stopped treating themselves with rich and tasty foods and switched to eating boiled chicken or tuna salads with cold-pressed juice, whilst others take this healthy lifestyle a little less seriously. Those half-waye-ers, who try to restrain from eating fatty foods or in the interest of this line-up, carbs, have manage to create a whole other micro industry of meals. Restaurants and franchises have been thrust in a position to come up with ‘slightly’ healthier alternatives or low-carb options. It’s like, “Can I get a Diet coke with my 4 cheese pizza?” or “Make mine with a side of Okra fries”. We did find, however, one of the dishes most exploited in this half-way healthy trend were burgers, the one indulgence foodies simply can not go without. 

       Bangkok Foodies rose to the challenge to road test the infamous bunless burgers together with the Bangkok Foodies Team. Here are the list of places tried and tested that foodies in Bangkok can immediately order for takeaway or delivery. Whether it’s an attempt to be healthy or you’re just not a bready kinda foodies, we’re sure there is something here for everyone.

The Hass Bistro
“Avoburger Served with Fries or Salad”
              It’s an avocado burger, people! The Hass Bistro is a chain restaurant known for healthy options with their superstar ingredient of avocado. Their burger is replaced buns with firm-yet-creamy avocado texture, that is full of vitamins and minerals. The burger is layered with lettuce with three slices of tomato, red onion and a grilled shrimp chicken patty or alternatively for Vegetarians, three sliced eggplants topped with cheese. The burger is served with thick-cut fries and sauces of tomato ketchup and spicy mayo. It’s soft, creamy, juicy, flavourful, fresh, textural and healthy AF!

Price: Avoburger Served with Fries or Salad (Grilled Shrimp 395THB/ Chicken 335THB/ Eggplant 335THB) 

Fast Fact: 100 g of Avocado contains 2g of protein, 9g of carbohydrate, 15g of fat (0% trans fat) and 7g dietary fibr

“It’s difficult to eat but delicious! I would order it again!.”
                                                    – Samantha –

The Hass Bistro
Tel: 099 192 9626
FB: The Hass
IG: thehassbistro
App: Lineman, FoodPanda and Get


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MOS Burger
“Lettuce Burger” and “Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger” (Opps! Not a Low-carb burger but we slipped it in)
            Ok, we cheated a little but we are sure that some of you may have tried this style of rice burger before. They substitute the buns with patty-like grilled rice cake. The rice covers are soft, dry and not sticky therefore your hand doesn’t get messy when holding it. When biting down, you will feel the firm, thick rice pressed against each other. You will taste the rest of the ingredients after the first couple of chews. The Boston bibb is fresh and juicy. It helps cut the salty taste from the beef yakiniku. You need to eat it while it is still fresh because if you leave it to rest it ends up being very dry. If you need a legit low-carb burger from MOS Burger, they do have the Lettuce Burger which was not that bad, a little small but matches the price and ideal for a quick low-carb snack, but rice is simply more fun! Call it a cheat burger!. 

 Price: Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger 109THB, Lettuce Burger (Chick Teriyaki 89THB/ Fish 79THB)

Fast Fact: Rice may contain more carbohydrate, protein and calories than white bread but rice has less sodium compared to bread. 

“ Overall it’s a bit bland for me. The rice is dry. Separately, the beef is really good.”
                                                                                              – Pop –

MOS Burger
Tel: 02 658 5859
IG: mosburgerthailand
App: Grab Food, Lineman and FoodPanda


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Paper Butter
“Naked Chiang Mai Spicy Burger”
            This small establishment makes good burgers, hot dogs and a selections of fries. One of their signatures is called “Chiang Mai Spicy Burger”, the Northern Thai-twist burger that gives you a delightful kick for the patty which is mixed with “Prik Laab Khua” [พริกลาบคั่ว]. Prik Laab Khua is an alike paste, which contains many botanicals and herbs mixed with shrimp paste. The Naked Chiang Mai Spicy Burger has sliced tomatoes and cheddar cheese, topped with flossed pork and wrapped in frillice lettuce which has a slightly bitter taste to make the taste of the burger more “rounded”. It’s juicy, spicy, textural and well-balanced. This one could take you to Chiang Mai without leaving town, and it’s not a twist of a repertoire like Khao Soi.

Price: Bunless Chiang Mai Spicy Burger (Pork 150THB/ Beef 180THB)

“Heavy on the flossy pork. Reducing it a bit would be perfect!”
                                                                   – Breeze – 

Paper Butter
Tel: 084 448 7908
FB: Paper Butter
IG: paperbutter
App: Lineman and Get


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Daniel Thaiger
“Low-Carb Mr Steve Burger”
            To be fair, all of Daniel Thaiger’s burgers can be made into low-carb burgers but we tried the Mr Steve Burger, with a note to request as a lettuce wrap. Tip: They don’t have the option on their menu, you must request it. At first glance, we noticed the iceberg lettuce wrapped very particularly and elegantly around the fillings, just enough to see the patty peaking out. You can tell that these guys are pros. Inside the beautiful light green wrap, there are three sliced tomatoes laid in order, followed by a perfectly charred yet juicy Wagyu patty smothered perfectly with their special Thaiger sauce, then its topped with grilled onion, three pieces of chunky bright-yellow cheese and three pieces of bacon. Mmmm, 3 might just be their lucky number. The composition of this burger, to no-surprise, a hit. Daniel Thaiger being the first Burger Truck to appear on the streets of Bangkok have been around the block and then some, when it comes to burger experience. The only downside is, the iceberg gets a tad wet and slippery, but this is typically the case with any iceberg lettuce wrap burgers.

Price: Low-Carb Mr Steve (Pork 280THB/ Beef 280THB/ Lamb 300THB), Low-Carb Mr Steve + Fries (Pork 320THB/ Beef 320THB and Lamb 340THB)

“The patty is high-quality and well-seasoned, the veggies are fresh, and the ratio of the sauce and cheese are perfect. They don’t disappoint, do they? LOL”
                                                                                   – Nicolas –

Daniel Thaiger
Tel: 084 549 0995
FB: Daniel Thaiger
IG: danielthaiger
App: Grab Food, Lineman, Foodpanda and Get


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The Elephant Butcher & Eatery
“Portobello Wagyu Burger”
            The Elephant Butcher & Eatery is a restaurant that focuses on using premium quality meat and seafood with a comfortable ambience where a group of friends or big family can come together and enjoy. For our bunless burger showdown, there’s was definitely one of the fanciest. The fresh portobello was seasoned with salt before being put in the oven so the outside is not too slippery but to also maintain its juiciness. On first bite you can taste that every ingredient is there for a reason. The burger’s journey of the flavours is smooth and practically faultless. Your palate will be first introduced to the portobello smoky flavours followed by the well-seasoned Wagyu patty that’s covered with melted cheese. Red leaf lettuce provides the sweetness while the umami comes from the thick slice of seasoned tomato. Crispy bacon and caramelised onion give texture and sweet & salty taste.  This mega mushroom burger should not disappoint, if you’re willing to pay the price, it’s certainly not an everyday burger.

Price: Portobello Wagyu Burger served with fries (482THB)

“The portobello, the vegetables and Wagyu patty are juicy which contrast with the crispy bacon and the sauce doesn’t overpower. I enjoy this sophisticated burger. ”
                                                                                        – Wariya –

The Elephant Butcher & Eatery
Tel: 02 287 4165
FB: The Elephant Butcher & Eatery
App: Lineman


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Author: Wariya I.

Author: Wariya I.
Wariya has a strong passion for cocktails, and you may have met her several times but she likes to keep it casual and low-profile. She also likes to enjoy quality tea, especially Japanese green tea.