We Cafe Phuket, a farm-to-table in Phuket.

Phuket Foodies Review – WeCafePhuket

I’m super impressed at how progressive Phuket has become, for sustainable and ‘organic’ (farm to table) restaurant concepts. Our Phuket Foodies OFFICIAL correspondent – Amy Bensema, introduced me to this cafe, WeCafephuket. But not just any cafe, it’s divided into four areas, one is their mini organic grocers, a main indoor restaurant and outdoor section (which is lovely by the way), then their modestly sized – but in no way tiny – hydroponic garden where produce is plucked to be served directly onto your plate!

WeCafePhuket #bangkokfoodies

WeCafePhuket #bangkokfoodies

The concept is certainly not a new one, but done successfully at this scale, in the middle of Bangkok is unheard which made me think, why in Phuket and not in Bangkok? We can build enormous restaurants, hotels, condos, offices and have space or plots for giant malls than why not grow some of our own food? There is also O-OH farm cafes which are popping up all over the island also.

We Cafe was completely packed and buzzing with good vibes with the exception of dudes with no shirts (guys please we’re eating here #dontfreethenipple), and I loved that you could customize order your salad by ticking boxes of protein/seafood + vegetable/fruit additions + sauces, which ends up being greatly affordable, extremely fresh and yes, delicious!


5/30 Chao Fah Tawan Tok Road
83000 Changwat Phuket
Tel: 088 752 1352
Opening Hours: 8:00am to 10:00pm