I’m not going to pretend to know about Latvian cuisine, or bespoke cocktails for that matter, but I know that The White House Bangkok combined Chef and Bartender talent have made for a creative and bizarrely complimentary Food and Beverage offer that may take Bangkokians by surprise. 

Spunned as “Modern Latvian Cuisine”, the new house of this cuisine is nestled in Sukhumvit soi 16 and like the name suggests, the house which lies beyond a small yet charming all-white patio is in-fact, all-white too.

Not grandiose in nature, but sleek and simplistic in design, to the right side of The White House Bangkok, houses their day time ‘cafe’ with home baked pastries and hand sprayed chocolate by the Co-Owner and Executive Chef, Aleksandrs “Alex” Nasikailovs.

You may recognise Chef Alex from the now defunct Baltic Blunos, working alongside the vivacious Chef Martin Bluno, where the chefs were renowned for their avante garde presentation and dishes which highlight premium produce from Europe and the Baltics. Chef Alex has carried on in similar spirit, yet puts emphasis on local ingredients intertwined with imported delicacies, and all with much meticulousness in technical detail and aesthetics.  

The general vibe of the downstairs dining room speaks of “fine casual”, with a quaint bar and a stage for bands and performances as your main point of view. As they are just new on the culinary scene, their finer upstairs dining space is yet to be fully utilised and is reserved for Tasting Menu guests. For the Soft Opening period, The White House Bangkok restaurant currently opens 3 days a week and A La Carte meals with live band entertainment may be enjoyed downstairs. 

We tried the Tasting Menu (9 Courses) and were impressed by Chef Alex ‘s “Bites”, namely the crunchy edible “shell” Black Mussels with Smoked Mussel Sauce, an appetizing and moreish start to the meal. 

Following that, a killer-tasty Beetroot Cracker with Salmon Mousse, Salmon Roe which is served in a customised wooden branded box in the shape of The White House Bangkok ‘s logo. A precious and intricate piece of art with it’s bright salmon pink geometric design and painstaking placement of single roe, gives diners a  peek into the mind of Chef Alex, who appears more a man of action rather than words. 

In contrast to Chef Alex’s cool gravity, is Head mixologist at The White House Bangkok, Kei Sawada ( previously of Salon du Japonistant),with his dancing eyes, wiry hair, button down vest and shirt combo as somewhat an enigma among the modern day scenery. Like a mad Japanese scientist, preparing his latest potion.

 Kei is so adept and fluid in his cocktail style and movement, you’ll become mesmerised…but that’s just the look, how about the taste? Well, coming from someone who can barely stomach cocktails due to their over-flavouring, sickly sweetness or inability to pair well with food, I drank to the bottom of almost every glass in the pairing!

Surprisingly the duo managed to combine Modern Latvian Cuisine with Tropical Thai and Japanese flavors such as the “Grilled Mackerel” paired Japanese Spicy Wasabi Sour and the “Duck Liver Tortellini” with Blue Cheese and Mango Moscato or the “Dowry Chest (chocolates)” with Matcha Coconuts Cooler. 

Other highly noteworthy dishes in the tasting menu were the Duck liver Tortellini with black trumpet mushroom in Madeira, roe cacao nib juice and black truffle. Absolutely exquisite! The North Atlantic Cod with black mussels cooked in white wine, smoked butter, cauliflower mash and miso left us speechless, literally, it stopped us talking mid-meal.  

The Melting Heart, which requires a hand torch to burn through a heart-shaped ice to reveal a spherical morsel of succulent crab wrapped in avocado was delicious but left me a little nonplussed. Although it is very cool for the Gram, apart from showmanship how does it contribute to taste. A similar sentiment may have been said for the “Duck in tub”, an adorable edible rubber ducky made with 70% dark Valrhona chocolate and milk chocolate which sits idly in a yuzu linci foam, yet much credit must be given to The White House Bangkok ‘s bold playfulness and palpable mementos. 

The White House Bangkok experience, even at its early stages has formed a pretty cool dynamic, especially one that is least expected. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an evening (accompanied with great live musical entertainment ), we would be more than happy to visit again.

The White House Bangkok Experience 4,000++ baht per person / 9-10 courses depending on seasonality

The White House Bangkok

199/8 Soi Sukhumvit 16, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Soft Opening hours: 19.00 – 23.00 hrs. (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Only)



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