Students of Grin Green International NGO create their own plastic monster, to educate the public about plastic waste in Bangkok

          Guy goes into 7/11 to make a statement about plastic bag waste, sees single bananas wrapped individually, disgusted he walks out.

          But this guy calls himself DG, he’s the Public Relations coordinator for Grin Green International, the world’s first student based NGO. These secondary school kids are fed up with the state of Thailand’s gross abuse of single use plastic and archaic attitude to environmental issues. They intend to make their voices heard through public appearances and peaceful protests.

          Today they toured through Bangkok’s most iconic landmarks, from Emquartier to Asoke and Asiatique, holding boards and urging passers by to sign their petition. Are these the local heros we’ve all been waiting for? Let’s hope this is only the beginning to an end. Look out for The Plastic Monster!

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