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Sriracha, a famous Thai hot sauce of the Flying Goose brand which is exported all over the world, has garnered an international cult following over the last generation but is less renowned in its “hometown”. The Thailand-grown sauce have collaborated with renowned chefs, such as David Thompson whose fine Thai restaurants have accrued multiple Michelin Stars, to become a condiment staples at street side stalls or served as sides with snack dishes at restaurants. 

My fondest memory of the salacious sauce was squirting the spicy red mixture into my piping hot (7 Aussie Dollars) Vietnamese Pho Noodles when I was a university student in Melbourne. Chefs, foodies and homecooks use the stuff in all sorts of gastronomical and sometimes dubious foodie applications. We’ve seen it with tacos, in cocktails and even with ice cream but now Flying Goose sets their bird’s eyes on home soil with a series of food and drink collaborations “Sauce on the table” starting with their first at Ba Hao in Soi Nana

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How can anyone ever miss visiting Ba Hao?! We’re still kicking ourselves for not discovering it earlier. Ba Hao opened in 2018, is a bar and restaurant built into a corner townhouse. The design is inspired by Chinatown’s romantic era with its vintage retro themed decor and neon lighting and offers comfort bar food. Their specialty is combining old-time favorite snacks with China’s popular street food to re-create their own original dishes that have a Western touch, and are both savory, sweet..and now spicy!

Ba Hao Co-founder / Food creator, Tikhamporn Chuenkittivoravat  “Kay” said, “We are excited about this collaboration, it has been challenging for us to use a variety of Sriracha into a menu and vice versa for customers to have fun with it in one dish, but we believe the results are truly delicious.”  

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The special collaborative menu comprises 4 menu items; 1. Freakin’ Good Hor D’oeuvres ออเดิร์ฟห่านบิน, 2. Patongo Nacho ปาท่องโก๋นาโช่, 3. Scallion Pancake แพนเค้กต้นหอม and 4. Holiday Heat.  Accompanying any order from the special menu is the “Sauce on the Table” sauce holder with 3 Sriracha sauces; Sriracha Original, Sriracha Mayo, Sriracha Blackout. The condiments are designed to match or compliment your dishes and to be used at your discretion and taste. 

K.Rung, a representative of the Flying Goose brand Thailand, explained, “Sauce on the table” project is because we would like people to understand that Sriracha sauce is not just Sriracha. It can adapt to many dishes and new ones can be created with the sauce as well. It can make any boring dish more exciting”

“Sauce on the table” by Ba Hao x Flying Goose
Available 16 Dec 2021- 16 Jan 2022 
5 p.m. – 11 p.m. Only at Ba Hao Yaowarat. 

Freakin’ Good Hor D’oeuvres – Includes 4 menu with 4 cooking methods

  1. Orange salad Slide iceberg lettuce with sweet orange, mandarin orange , pomegranate with sesame and peanut 
    How to eat: Pour mixed sesame and peanut in to the bowl and mixed well with 3 type of FG sauce
  2. Turnip cake Fried turnip cake that crunchy outside and soft inside topped with garlic slices and dried chilies
  3. Giant Homemade Steamed Shrimp Ball Seaweed, shrimp roe and broccoli
  4. Fish Maw with quail egg Stir fried fish maw with fried quail egg. 
    How to eat: from the salad down to the stir-fried bits. 

Patongo Nacho – Fried dough on top with minced pork, red onion, pickle chili drizzle sriracha mayo / original sriracha / hoisin

Scallion Pancake – Chinese style pancake homemade dough with of scallion inside and served with Sriracha Mayo and Hoisin Sauce

Holiday Heat Cocktail – Rum infused with Chinese herbs, passion fruit and vanilla syrup and Black out Sriracha sauce

Bangkok Foodies shouldn’t take too long to try this exceptional collab, the promotion only runs until 16th January 2022, and we think it’s a pretty cool way to ring in the New Year 2022, with plenty of variety and spice! 

K.Rung’s last message to those willing to explore their hot sauce side is, “We would like to make people know that Sriracha sauce can be in every cuisine, not only in Asian cuisine. And can apply it to many more dishes, not just as a dipping sauce. Moreover, we want to express that Sriracha sauce may fulfill your everyday spice needs by simply adding the sauce to the table for instant deliciousness.” 

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Sauce on the table _Ba Hao x Flying Goose 6
Sauce on the table _Ba Hao x Flying Goose 5
Sauce on the table _Ba Hao x Flying Goose 1
Sauce on the table _Ba Hao x Flying Goose 2
Sauce on the table _Ba Hao x Flying Goose

More about Flying Goose Brand: 

Flying Goose is a Thai Brand Established in 1999 that has been exporting overseas for more than 20 years and is powered by Exotic Food Public Company Limited. They produce mainly Sriracha Sauce with a variety of flavours. Their products are export quality guaranteed and the content of chili in every bottle is more than 60% which signature thickness & taste differentiates the Flying Goose brand from the rest. 

In Thailand, Flying Goose currently sells only three flavours of Sriracha Sauce and one on the way is the Spicy Black Pepper sauce, but there are many flavours and “Sauce on the Table” collaborations with restaurants and cafes to come this 2022 year. Watch this space!…  

Sauce on the table _Ba Hao x Flying Goose 8

How to buy it!
Shopee :
Lazada :
Line : 

Ba hao 八號
8 Soi NaNa, Pom Prap, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100

Hours: Every 11.30 am to 12.00 am
Tel: +66 (0)62 464 5468
Facebook / Instagram: Ba hao 八號

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