Raw Dinner at About Eatery by Chef Edo

Bangkok Foodies Review – About Eatery

Ok, so I may have eaten a partial bloody roast at the opening of Park Hyatt after the dinner, but I must say, I was really impressed with the Raw Diner at About Eatery. Being somewhat of a skeptic, my expectations were pretty low when it comes to raw dining.

Thankfully, Chef Edo gave us all the opportunity to spin our heads around it with his contemporary twist. I fell in love with his version of Gazpacho, so incredibly fresh tasting, with a beautiful balance of beans, herbs combined with the sweetness of tomato and just a hint of spice.


Raw Dinner Food About Eatery #bangkokfoodies

Another surprise was the Bruschetta Cerignola. While watching the biscuits being prepared, I thought  they looked awfully dry, and like they’d taste of a dense cardboard. Yet, it was probably one of my favourite dishes of the lot. Chef Edo dressed this dish with pistachio spread, dry tomatoes and Cerignola Olives. The flavours were difficult to describe, but the combination was deeply savoury, with complex textures and a distinct Mediterranean flavour.

Raw Food Dinner About Eatery #bangkokfoodies

I was a little disappointed with the lasagna, it was presented well in a circular shape, displaying creamy layers. However, it was all a bit too mushy and same-same. I was much hoping it to be closer to a traditional lasagna with shaved layers of raw or pickled vegetables dripping in a rich tomato and eggplant sauce. And of course the dish before dessert came – the raw cheese – Bangkok Vegan Cheese by Barefood Bangkok! You either swear by it or hate it, for me…I really enjoy it. Some types more than others.

Raw Food Dinner About Eatery #bangkokfoodies

I was gutted to miss out on dessert as I had to run to catch the free-flow champagne (still suffering). I had heard that the guest dessert ,Amelia Stewart, and also Edo, make the most stunning raw desserts you would never guess it didn’t spend time in an oven.

Raw Food Dinner About Eatery #bangkokfoodies

Raw foods would never become an exclusive diet for me personally, but I would absolutely convert to it once or even twice a week, but as long as it’s not me “not cooking” it. Lol


Raw Dinner at About Eatery
Sukhumvit 21 Soi 3, Ocean Tower II
10110 Bangkok
Tel:02 665 2772
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5pm – 01:00am (Close on Monday)