New-York Style Steak & Burger Sukhumvit Soi 22

Bangkok Foodies Review – New-York Steak&Burger

Finally tried the New York Style Steak & Burger. For a whopping 400 THB you can try The Big Boy. Their most classic burger, consisting of high grade US Beef, tomato, cheese, lettuce, onion and Russian dressing (whatever that is). Burger is not comically sizes but hearty.

The buns were excellent, reminiscent of Daniel Thaiger’s brioche but less sweet and on the fluffier side. Meat was cooked closer to rare, rather than the medium rare we asked for. This didn’t not bother me so much as the taste overall was substantial; tasty, meaty, well balanced. 

New-York Style Steak & Burger BangkokFoodies

The less desirable trait, is that it left you with a film of grease around your lips and just a hint of a bitter oily after-taste, almost like you’ve licked the back of the burger flipper. This may be because of the coating of oil on the bun to give it that pleasant crispiness or they’re using sub par or old oil for the fries.

New-York Style Steak & Burger BangkokFoodies

Don’t be deceived by the chip bucked, the fries only sit on the very top. But again, I didn’t mind this.
It was plenty enough. Especially considering they were a little burnt. Besides a few small hitches, it was enjoyable and we paid half the price on the eatigo app. Which only then makes it really worth it.

New-York Style Steak & Burger BangkokFoodies


New York Style Steak & Burger
28, Sukhumvit Soi 22
10110 Bangkok
Tel: +66 (0)2 262 0920
Opening Hours: From 11am to 11pm every day