Because pizza wasn’t meant to satisfy one craving! L’OLIVA Bangkok have created a new range of pizzas inspired by chef Gabriele Luna; from the ‘Fruitti Di Mare’ seafood extravaganza to the cheese produce-driven ‘Pizza Carbonara’ with Guiancala, Pecorino and Parmigiano or the ‘Calabrese’ with Sicilian Tuna and Ndjua which reflects both the amazing sea and land produce of Italy, but the Pizza Dolcezza, dessert pizza will be the one to have tongues wagging!  

What also makes L’OLIVA’s pizzas so special is the fermentation process. They ferment their pizza dough for 48 hours, the slow fermentation makes the dough airy, soft, chewy with a wonderful crisp! When eaten as a warm dessert you can imagine all sorts of playful textures and sensations a pizza dessert can evoke. 

Pizza Dolcezza - L'OLIVA Bangkok 1

“Pizza with Nutella, is one of the most popular desserts when in Italy you go to eat in a pizzeria, usually the restaurant don’t serve pizza and pizzeria don’t serve other kinds of foods, except for ristorante pizzeria that serve both. From here came the existence of pizzerias to serve dessert, and what’s better than spreading Nutella on a pizza?”, exclaimed chef Gabriele. 

Chef Gabriele Luna - L'OLIVA Bangkok

Although the inspiration comes from a popular Italian pastime dessert, Gabriele’s version has been adapted to his taste. “I added some strawberries, the sour balances the super sweet flavor of Nutella, and some fluffy airy cream compliments the sticky texture of the pizza.”

Pizza Dolcezza - L'OLIVA Bangkok 7

L’OLIVA Bangkok Pizza Dolcezza will arrive with an additional cream pot which the diner will be able to dollop on top of the warm Nutella and slices of strawberries as they wish, more is more in this case! 

This version of Pizza Dolcezza also pays homage to Gabriele’s grandma, Angela, who would always prepare him his favourite snack as a child; a big slice of bread spread with Nutella. Gabriele reflects, “I remember complaining to her because she would spread the Nutella very thinly, and I will never forget her response, “Nutella is very expensive, when you grow up and have a nice job you can spread a whole jar” “ 

Pizza Dolcezza - L'OLIVA Bangkok 2

Therefore, Gabriele claim’s he doesn’t even weigh the Nutella but simply spreads the chocolatey flavoured delicacy generously on top. “Enjoying my Pizza Dolcezza, sweet and sour creation is one way for me to remember Nonna Angela and her amazing teachings and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it too.” 

The pizzas are available from L’OLIVA Bangkok for takeaway or delivery.

Facebook/Instagram: L’OLIVABkk
Tel: 094-868-1150 / 094-858-9868
Line Official: @lolivabkk or

Pizza Dolcezza - L'OLIVA Bangkok 6

L’OLIVA Ristorante Italiano & Wine Bar
Soi 36 Subsoi 2, Khwaeng Khlong Tan, Khet Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Facebook/Instagram: L’OLIVABkk
Tel: 094-868-1150 / 094-858-9868
Line Official: @lolivabkk or


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