Spectacular views and Mediterranean delights combine for a new lunch menu at Phuket's iconic Kata Rocks

Amy Bensema

          To celebrate the start of summer, the luxurious Kata Rocks has brought a taste of the Mediterranean to Phuket with the launch of its new lunch menu.

          Featuring flavors which are inspired by both the Mediterranean and regional gastronomy, the fresh new menu utilizes seasonal ingredients and only the finest seafood specialities. Famed for its iconic views, the Oceanfront Clubhouse at Kata Rocks offers up a lunch experience like no other on the island.

          The outstandingly fresh food and the simple, yet elegant, plating are sure to be a top choice for anyone seeking a new lunch option in Phuket. The new menu paired with the remarkable views are sure to cement Kata Rocks as the number one place for destination dining in Phuket.

          Phuket Foodies had the privilege of attending the exclusive new menu launch at Kata Rocks, and as expected, the entire dining experience was top notch. Kata Rocks truly is a cut above the rest when it comes to fine dining in a stunning setting. The Oceanfront Clubhouse is special, and in my opinion, there is no other place that compares to it on the island.

          Once seated, the staff is quick to serve up a variety of dishes to share. Perfect for vegetarians, the Whipped Ricotta Pizza oozing with basil and fresh tomato is light and creamy.

          The Mushroom Pizza has more of a distinct rich taste as it’s covered in black truffle, fresh mozzarella and wild rocket. The taste combination is fantastic!

          Main dishes are ordered and everyone admires the presentation of the food once it is served. Tuna Avocado Tartare is exceptionally fresh and zesty. Loaded with shallots, sesame, lime, soy sauce and salmon roe, it is light and healthy.

          Another healthy standout includes the Quinoa Salmon Bowl. The diced salmon is fresh, buttery and accompanied by salmon roe, shallot, sesame, avocado and fresh ginger. One bite of this dish is an explosion of flavors in the mouth. The Quinoa Salmon Bowl, for me, is the most perfect lunch treat.

          Another Green & Healthy dish worth trying is the Watermelon Salad. Beautifully plated, the salad is piled high with rocket, feta cheese, spinach, nuts and berries. The dish is an Instagram foodies dream to photograph, and an exquisite combination of flavors. This will definitely be my go-to salad the next time I dine at Kata Rocks.

          For those searching for something a bit heartier, the all-new Lamb Burger is a real treat. Stacked with pickled shallots, cucumber, wild rocket, feta cheese and tzatziki, is a classic favorite with a modern twist. The Lamb Burger is also served on a charcoal bun, which although trendy, really completes the aesthetic of the meal. Quite simply, the Mediterranean Lunch Menu is outstanding.

          Executive Chef Laia Pons said: “The highlight of this menu is not only its innovative use of unique, fresh flavours, but also its commitment to seasonality and responding to growing trends and the demands of our diners.

          “We’ve also added some great new creative and healthy dining options on both our new menus, she added.

          The Mediterranean Lunch Menu, which features specialities such as Grilled Lobster and freshly imported Fine De Claire Oysters, will add a bring a touch of Riviera flair to Phuket.

          For guests looking to experience a taste of Thailand, the new Thai Lunch Menu offers an inspired take on local gastronomy. New dishes include Nam Tok Nuea with dry chili, grapes, mint, roasted rice powder; Gaeng Phoo – Blue Swimmer Crab Curry with coconut cream, sweet basil, steamed noodles and Pla Ka-Pong – Deep fried Sea Bass with sweet and sour green mango dressing.

          In addition to the stellar new choices on the lunch menu, Kata Rocks is home to a signature Wine Cellar that features over 300 world-class wines, and it is highly suggested to complement the new lunch menus with 24 different wines available by the glass. The Oceanfront Clubhouse at Kata Rocks is open daily.

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