Bangkok Foodies Review – Havana

Why did I wait so long to come here! This is the club us ex-Bedsupperclubbers have all been waiting for. A secret place to chill and coddle our weary old dancing bones. Cuban cult culture hides behind a telephono booth wall which requires a four digit code to be transported into a mini revolution.


What you will be confronted with is an incredible commitment to ambiance and detail, with its faux rustic walls, ornate mirrors and Castro paraphernalia that lurks in every corner. It’s no surprise that one of Bangkok’s most renowned hospitality mastermind is behind this creation.

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And the cocktails! Powerful. As in, powerfully delicious, some of the best cocktails I’ve ever had. Close your eyes and just point at the menu. Guaranteed it will be exceptional and not cost you stupid amounts of money.

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We went on a Monday night which was absolutely fitting for our mood but if you want to go all ‘carnival in the dark’ than I hear the weekends are burning it up, that’s IF you have the key into Havana.

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Havana Social
Sukhumvit Rd. Soi 11
10110 Bangkok
Tel: 061 450 3750
Opening Hours: 6pm to 2am