Order Gourmet and Organic Groceries in Bangkok from foodpanda Thailand at their New ' Shops ' App Category

Not ignoring the market trend, with the demand of groceries and household items available by delivery, foodpanda have expanded their ready-to-eat offer to extend to “shops”. The foodpanda shops partner with conglomerate vendors that we are all familiar with but also some smaller producers providing local and organic products. 


Bangkok Foodies took the opportunity to interview Robin, Head of Shops foodpanda TH, on the launch of their new “shops” category and to get some answers on those burning questions some foodies have long been in turmoil about.  

The Green Geek Purple Sweet Potato Breadstick and Organic Seeds Cacao Powder

What range of grocery items does foodpanda shops provide and from what range of vendors?

We provide all ranges of groceries from daily essentials such as dairy, snacks or beverages that you can order from our convenience stores & supermarkets (CP Fresh Mart, Lawson, Tesco, etc.) to local organic products coming from specialty stores like Radiance Wholefoods, Sunshine Market, Sweet & Green, VIVIN Grocery, etc. Through this model, we are able to offer a wide range of products to our customers while enabling smaller retailers to increase visibility and volumes in these difficult times.

 But our vision goes beyond delivering grocery items only. We are pioneering Quick-Commerce in Thailand, meaning the delivery of items from multiple categories directly from local shops to our customers in less than 30 minutes.


Sunshine Market * Bob’s red mill Organix Spelt Flour * Sunwarrior Sol Good Protein bar Salted Caramel*

Are you directly competing with these retail stores or helping them gain more visibility or reach that they otherwise may not get? 

 We see ourselves as a complementary service to offline stores rather than competition. foodpanda shops is a platform that brings value to both its customers and partners. Every store that partners up with us will benefit from exposure to our user base of millions of customers, marketing support, operations support and more. It’s a great way for our partners to acquire new customers as well as serving their existing customers better.

VIVIN Grocery * Dried sausage – Salami Cacciatorino * Molène Cow cheese 

As third party apps have received a lot of backlash, can you please offer your perspective on how the vendors truly benefit from your delivery app services?

Our goal has always been to support our restaurant and shop partners as much as our customers and riders.

First of all, we provide our partners with the possibility to reach a large base of users and gain traction and visibility. foodpanda partnership rules are simple: the more value a restaurant or shop creates for its customers, the more exposure it will get. 


Sweet and Green * Fresh Fig Homemade * Yellow tomato Soup

Did foodpanda make any moves to relieve their vendors from fees during the COVID-19 lockdown? 

During the COVID-19 crisis, we waived all setup fees and commissions so restaurants and shops could continue to operate and grow sales despite the lockdown. We also allocated an extra budget of 35 million baht for a relief program to help eateries and delivery drivers overcome this crisis. We have supported merchant partners, users and drivers in terms of discounts and sanitary kits as the country controls the spread of coronavirus.


Captain Barrel * Bavaria 0.0% Malt Drink Original

There are no hidden fees or charges in our contract. We also offer free delivery for a vast majority of our partners. This is only possible by optimizing our operations to serve customers and partners optimally.

Eventually, partners are free to decide on the products to list on our platform, as well as the operating hours of their shop. There is no commitment from their side: if one of our partners wishes to stop working with foodpanda, they can simply return the tablet and close their online shop.

Radiance Wholefoods * Goji Berries * Hazelnut butter

What are the future plans to develop foodpanda shops? 

We will keep growing the number and variety of shops available so our customers can get hundreds of thousands of products delivered to their doorstep in just minutes. We will also grow our nationwide coverage to serve every single province in Thailand by the end of the year. Finally, we will work hard on our operations to improve our partners and customers experience to build a strong sustainable service in the country.


Food Delite * Morelli Linguine Black Squid Ink

 How does someone order from foodpanda shops? 

 It’s very simple: open the foodpanda app, click on the ‘shops’ tab and you’ll access thousands of products from your favorite brands!

Website (direct link): https://www.foodpanda.co.th/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoodpandaThailand/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foodpandathailand/