Enoteca Italiana Sukhumvit Soi 27

Bangkok Foodies Review – Enoteca

First time ever at Enoteca Bangkok and I’m not the only guilty one. I spoke to a number of foodies who claimed the food was fantastic but have never actually been. I’m probably the worse offender as it’s only one block away from home but sometimes things happen for a reason and this reason is the arrival of Italian Chef Alessandro Boglione, who carries the lucrative cross of a Michelin star.

Enoteca Italiana BangkokFoodies

Enoteca is a beautiful establishment tucked away in Sukhumvit soi 27, with a quaint front yard (don’t step on the grass, just ask Nicolas)! And a full frontal ceiling to floor window looking into the wide yet cosy dining room. It’s a lot classier than I suspected but not at all overtly pretentious. To perfect this ambiance is almost an art. I wouldn’t show up in sweat pants or shorts however.

The first standout dishes of the evening were the Sea Scallop with Citrus Black Rice and Culatello Ham. The rice was pleasantly sticky with citrus notes, complimenting the creaminess of the scallop and the sharp saltiness Culatello ham completed this harmonious dish.

Enoteca Italiana

The Foie Gras was sensational. Typically a greasy and fatty affair but Alessandro’s version was much lighter and the consistency of the foie pleasant to the palate. The duck breast side dish was rich in taste with a melt-in-mouth texture. The passionfruit ice-cream I liked the least. I would have preferred a foam or whipped version as the ice killed the sumptuous warmth of the foie gras.

Enoteca Italiana BangkokFoodies

       Wine at G Four Wine did a great job at co-hosting and pairing with the dishes, particularly the Gaja Wine and the Marsala Vigna was excellent; smokey and deep with a sweet finish.

Enoteca Italiana BangkokFoodies

Worth the experience I’d say, even if you’re not in love with everything on Alessandro’s special menu, Enoteca’s environment and the people themselves, namely the owner Nicolas, brings an old world hospitality but a new world class with an adorable cheekiness. I’m looking forward to delving into their house menu and signature dishes.

Given Enoteca will be around long after the event like they have been for over 2 generations, waiting to visit will only prolong one of the best dining experiences you will have in Bangkok!


Enoteca Italiana
39 Sukhumvit soi 27
Bangkok 10110
Tel: 02 258 4386
Opening Hours : 6:00PM – 10:30PM