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David Laris Marries Thai Ingredients with Mexican Flavors

          Celebrity Chef David Laris is a big deal. Tall, handsome and tattooed, he is the Chief Creative Officer of Cachet Hospitality Group. Well-known for his constant shaping and redefining of classic dishes with fresh ideas and flavors, Chef David’s cooking class and demonstration did not disappoint.

At a recent media event weekend saw an eclectic mix of Phuket media punters and international media converge on Cachet Resort Dewa Phuket for an action-packed weekend full of activities. At the heart of the itinerary was the resort’s food and wine offerings, a combination that did not disappoint.

         The real showstopper of the cooking class and demonstration came when Chef David used Thai ingredients to create a zesty, flavorful cheese quesadilla with spicy pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole.

As a lover of Mexican food, the quesadilla was the perfect example of marrying Thai ingredients with Mexican flavors. Thailand and Mexico are similar in so many ways, and many of the most popular food choices from each country contain the same fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a healthy dose of little red chili peppers.

         Piled high on the table was a hodgepodge of colorful, fresh local fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices and herbs. After a brief introduction of Thai food and its simple yet complex flavors, Chef David and his team went to work. The team created their versions of two classic Thai favorites – papaya salad with soft shell crab and mango with sticky rice.

          ProTip from me, not Chef David – When making salsa or pico de gallo at home, add in fresh dragon fruit or Thai mango for a sweeter, chunkier alternative to plain tomato salsa.

          The cooking class and demonstration, literally steamy due to the intense humid weather, was an interesting way to watch Chef David and his team create a quick, healthy lunch utilizing local ingredients.


Saturday Pool Party at Cachet Pool Club

          Cachet Pool Club is a new addition to the Phuket pool & beach club scene. However, I have a feeling it will truly make a big splash! The Saturday Pool Party features an awesome swimming pool, comfortable beach loungers and an awesome DJ that spins toe-tapping beats agains the backdrop of Nai Yang Beach.

          The pool party features a unique happy hour that consists of a variety of cocktails, fruit juices, soft drinks and wines, but without a doubt, a favorite concoction is the Beergarita. Giant and loaded with enough strong tequila and booze to get a small village drunk, the Beergarita is not to be missed if you’re in for an afternoon session.

          As the rainy season sets in, Cachet Pool Club will resume the Saturday Pool Party once the high season hits. Mark your calendars as it’s something to look forward to on these grey days!

Summer Wine & Dine at Aleta Seafood Bar & Grill

          The Summer Wine Pairing Dinner was an excellent opportunity to explore the culinary flair of Chef David Laris paired with the delicious wines on offer from World Class Wine Company. 7 courses paired with 7 wines made for an excellent evening.

          The food menu focused on fresh seafood delights such as Fine De Claire Oysters, Lobster Ravioli, Seabass Ceviche and Curried Mackerel as well as a Pork Toro Satay and Braised & BBQ Shortribs.

          The Curried Mackerel was a morish dish, and I’d never tried something similar. Served on a bed of creamy coconut rice, which had the consistency of a thick, rich risotto, the addition of fresh mango chutney really made the flavors pop. The sweet and spicy flavors really worked well with the soft, tender mackerel.

          While the other dishes were all flavorful and well presented – lots of nice touches with the plating including wild flowers – I was not a fan of the Lobster Ravioli. The lobster itself was well prepared, but the ravioli was a bit too al dente for my liking. However, that did not stop me from enjoying the entirety of the dinner.

          The evening’s dessert was once again inspired by the flavors of Mexico. The Mini Churro Ice Cream Sandwich was a delightful mess of crisp Churro, chili-dark chocolate, toasted cassia sugar and hints of orange. Decadent and rich, it was paired with a very strong Port Wine. The diner’s reception to the dessert was amazing, as many had never tasted this type of dessert before, and were happy to go back and clear up the extra portions that were later brought out on a share plate.

          All in all, I was quite impressed with the overall food quality and presentation at Cachet’s various dining establishments. Another little tidbit of information that should be added is that Cachet is committed to reducing single-use plastic across their resorts, and in Phuket, drinks are served with lovely paper straws.

          Creative Cuisine and Magical Moments are what you can expect to find from the F&B outlets at Cachet Resort Dewa Phuket. The resort itself is a stunning property located just minutes away from Phuket International Airport, which means it’s a good base to explore the northern part of the island. Drop in and have a bite when you’re in the neighborhood. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!



       With the tagline, “Find the freshest flavors in our casual and creative collection of restaurants and bars,” Cachet Resort Dewa Phuket offers a selection of stylish restaurants and bars that appeal to global travelers and local residents alike. The restaurants and bars combine imaginative international flavors with the freshest local ingredients in the charming, natural environment of Sirinath National Park on Nai Yang Beach in Phuket.

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