Crab & Claw All You Can Eat Lobster Olympics at Emquartier

Bangkok Foodies Review – Crab&Claw

The day of unlimited lobster frenzy has befallen on the Maine borne crustaceans.
Crab and Claw has challenged the foodies public to a Lobster Olympics of sorts, where in 100 minutes you may indulge in as much lobster meat and other lobster treats as your seafood fairing heart desires. Although for a price! So here are some survival tips to avoid some of the pitfalls which may come from an irresistible and limited deal.


Crab & Claw Lobster Olympics BangkokFoodies

Go ahead and order your first lobster up-front, remember there are 100 minutes which seems aplenty but not much when challenged by 60 other ravenous customers. You may also want to avoid gazing longingly at the glistening lobster of the table beside you. It’s just creepy (I’ve been told)


Crab & Claw Lobster Olympics BangkokFoodies

Beware of over ordering their incredible entree dishes. Crab & Claw ain’t no fools. They be fattening you up before the lobster gets to your table. As hard as it is to resist such goodies as clam chowder, lobster linguine, lobster rolls and home fried chips, you’re FOF (fear of fullness) is at peak by the time the lobster arrives. So, pace yourself, know your limits and take it easy on the carbs!

Crab & Claw Lobster Olympics BangkokFoodies

They charge you if you don’t eat all your lobster and waste too many of their lobster dishes. As I said, know your limits, or even better invite a bunch of insatiable friends. If there are any leftovers, there’s always that “perpetually hungry and anti-wastage” friend to scrap up the last morsel.


Crab & Claw Lobster Olympics BangkokFoodies

Wear your bib! Ships going to get messy.


Crab & Claw Lobster Olympics BangkokFoodies

The lobster roll is a must! Full of chunky fresh lobster with a soft and moist roll. Just don’t dig out the lobster only, as I’ve been informed many tourists love to do, they will charge you for leaving that poor old bun behind.


Crab & Claw Lobster Olympics BangkokFoodies

Do go for the corn, but ask for less spicy butter, that thing has a kick like a horse. Do try to go for Chef Colin’s homemade fat chips too but only if accompanied with friends.
Chips are depressing when alone.


Crab & Claw Lobster Olympics BangkokFoodies

If saving on stomach space, the fried oyster bun and clam bread is a luxury you can live without.


Crab & Claw Lobster Olympics BangkokFoodies

Kiss your lobster/s, it died “humanely” (according to Darren), for your gluttonous sin, so don’t you dare leave any leftover. All you can eat Oysters(Wed) is 1500++ or 2000++ with free flow wine.
Lobster (Tues, Fri) is 2800++ or 3300++ with free flow wine.


Crab&Claw All You Can Eat Lobster Olympics
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