Away from the noisy chaotic city centre of Bangkok, in the quiet suburb of Bang Wa, lies Underwood Café And Bar, a small café & bar or as the people who run this place have categorised it as a “ kiosk café & bar”. Co-Founders, Peeranut “Aof” Theinhiran and Nuttanon “Bom” Anganavin opened this place with the intention to serve coffee mocktails during the day and convert their menu to an umeshu bar by night.

“Our first Underwood has opened 2 years ago,  Underwood Coffee House, on Phuttamonthon Sai 4. That place is different from the café & bar. It’s homier, more spacious and greens,” Aof stated. “The café & bar is more modern. It was painted white and it’s more minimal. We still want people to connect with nature the same way we do in the first shop. 

Aof motions to the cafe counters, “As you can see that everything like the counter, chairs and tables are in organic shapes and there’s a tiny garden out there –in the front– and some pot plants inside.” This kiosk café & bar doesn’t want to connect with nature through the decoration but through recycled plastic cups and biodegradable straws.

Their menu has two parts: the daytime and the nighttime. As obvious as it is that there will be coffee and tea by day and some spicy drinks by night but the duo want their menu to be a little bit edgy. “We added some mixology to our menu and we are all fresh-ingredient centric,” Bom told Bangkok Foodies. “We’re not crazy about local ingredients but we prefer to get our ingredients from the place they are famous for, for instance, we got our kumquats directly from Chantaburi, Shikuwasa –a branch of citrus– from Okinawa, Japan.

In the daytime, the menu is an assemblage of traditional coffee and tea and conventional coffee and tea. You can order a cup of espresso or latté but as there are some interesting selections of coffee mocktails and tea mocktails. 

Mapeed Presso (140 THB) has kumquats, and the word “Mapeed” [มะปี๊ด] is kumquat in the local dialect; Earl Grey Pino (135 THB) a cold Earl Grey tea mixed with tropical fruits juice, and Black Mojito (150 THB), a coffee mocktail uses a house-blend coffee mixed cane sugar, some smashed mint leaves, lime juice and bubbly soda. The Black mojito can’t get you drunk, that’s for sure but it’s a caffeinated-substitute to a real thing — well, with extra coffee aroma and taste, of course.

If your preference is tea, and less-fancy looking with a twist, then Oolong Blueberry Iced Tea (120 THB) is perfect for your taste. They blend Oolong tea with dried blueberry before cold brew the mix precisely for 15 hours. 

For those who crave something milky, definitely try the Himalayan Milk Tea (135 THB), which is nothing like those over-sweeten milk tea at the local markets. The kick to this menu item is in the Himalayan pink salt and rough-crushed black pepper they sprinkle on top, giving it a punchy, unconventional taste. 

When the clock ticks over to 6 pm., Underwood Café And Bar changes to night mode. The white walls and ceiling are transformed with vibrant pink, purples and yellow lighting as customised dimmers and filters are activated to set the evening mood. 

The daytime menu is replaced with the nighttime menu. “At night, we don’t want our shop to be a party-goers’ destination. We want it to be a place where few friends come to sip & mingle. Our main focus on the nighttime menu is umeshu because it’s relatable and low-alcohol,” Aof continued, “And we’re not bartenders so drinks from this part are not complicated.” Therefore, compared to the daytime menu, the nighttime menu is actually much simpler. The duo is very new to the world of the “giggle water” so they’re not looking to over-do it.

Not really a signature but Umeshu On Ice (165 THB) consists of a glass of umeshu on the rocks. Don’t drink it all at once, sip it slowly like you were having a whisky in the rock to enjoy some sweet and umami taste.

If you’re looking for something more fruity, Umeshu Yuzu (180 THB) is right for you but if you prefer something slightly stronger, Umeshin (180 THB) is the best choice, with a mixture of umeshu and gin, basically the plum, juniper berry and botanicals provides a refreshing taste for a warm evening knock-off drink. 

Underwood Café & Bar's Umeshin

Whether you’re a day person or a night person, as long as you have a thirst for some quality caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, Underwood Café And Bar kiosk café & bar is willing to supply, at (almost) any time of the day.

Underwood Café & Bar's Night Snack

Underwood Café And Bar
G2 Connect Project, 275 Ratchaphruek Rd,
Bang Chak, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok 10160

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Author: Wariya.I
Wariya has a strong passion for cocktails,
and you may have met her several times
but she likes to keep it casual and low-profile.
She also enjoys quality tea, especially
Japanese green tea