Chef Markus of Fisk and Top Russel Four Hands Premium Seafood Dinner for 1 night in Bangkok

          This Wednesday the 17th of January brings Chef Markus of FiSK Singapore for one night  of sustainable seafood extravaganza with Chef Russell           at Freebird Bangkok. The Norwegian Chef is no stranger to the Michelin circuit, spending 3 years as a Jnr Sous Chef the Fat Duck ***, Berkshie Uk and just recently opening Fisk Seafood Bar and Market on Stevens Road, Singapore. 

          The 8 course dinner will entail Seafood from FiSK, such as the snacks and special ingredients, whilst Freebird will contribute fresh sustainable seafood from around the globe. Bangkok Foodies got a hold of Markus to find out more of whats in store for this dynamic duo of Fisk’s, coldwater seafood and the recently ordained Michelin ‘Plate’ Freebird of Bangkok. 


FULL NAME/NICKNAME: Markus Peter Dybwad
PRODUCT NAME: Coldwater seafood

BKF: Could you tell us briefly what it was like to work in a 3 Michelin star establishment and more specifically what is was like to work for Heston Blumenthal at Fat Duck?

          Markus: I really enjoyed working at The Fat Duck. It was three great years, and to be among such determined people that all essentially have the same goal is powerful. As much as it was hard work, long hours and all that, more importantly it was the gratitude and pride of the people that worked there that impressed me the most.

BKF: What inspired you to open Fisk Seafood Bar and Market?

          Markus: Frank Neasheim, a legendary Norwegian Chef and later Fishmonger has had a dream of opening a restaurant since he closed his last last one Vikings, nearly 30 years ago.


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           Since he introduced me to the idea a few years back, I’ve been fortunate to work with him, and a lot of other competent people to realise his dream.

BKF: Where does the seafood come from and in terms of quality why should we prefer it?

          Markus: FiSK´s Seafood come from Cold Waters, mainly North Europe, Japan, or North America.

As cold waters are cleaner, growth is slower and there is generally good stock management systems in place in the countries we source from: You will get tastier, healthier and more sustainable seafood. Isn’t that what everybody wants?


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BKF: Please tell us a little about the Fisk concept?

          Markus: FiSK is a place with two integrated concepts. It has the Seafood Market, where you can choose from a huge selection of different coldwater seafood.  It could be whole, filets or portions prepared by our fishmongers, it could be smoked or cured from our inhouse smokehouse, it could be live from our tanks, or it could be convenient at economical choices from our freezers. There is also a range of complementing products, such as vegetables, wines, dry goods etc.


          Then there is the FiSK Seafood Bar, that is a contemporary seafood bar, that offers a range from casual, quick and affordable lunch, to impressive full scale seafood dinners that can include everything from herrings to caviar.

BKF:Why is seafood so important to you?

          Markus: Seafood is the future. To feed the growing and evolving population of the planet, we need to find effective and clean sources of protein that we can produce without harming the environment. To change our behavior in the oceans from hunter-gatherers and evolve to smarter ways of cultivating food in the sea is something I see as a potential solution.


BKF: What are some of your favourite traditional and childhood dishes?

          Markus: I´m weak for sweets, Norwegian waffles with raspberry jam and sour cream at my grandma’s house is hard to beat.

BKF: Is this your first trip to Thailand? What are you excited about eating, trying?

          Markus: I’ve been in Thailand a few times, and the sausages is my favorite. I hope there will be time for trying out some of Chef Top´s recommendations as well.


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BKF: What sort of dishes can we expect from this collaboration? Amazing seafood of course?

          Markus: I will be doing dishes that have proved to go well with our diners in Singapore, As we are a newly opened restaurant, its a bit early to talk about signatures, but I believe that down the road, these dishes will stand strong. They are all made with passion and curiosity for what can be done with seafood. I could talk all day, but the real answer here is to come to Freebird to try it out.


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BKF: What are some of your favourite Thai dishes and do you have any Thai influences on any of your menus?

          Markus: As I haven’t traveled or worked so much in Thailand, there isn’t so much Thai influences in my food. Having said that, I love Thai food, it’s such a rich food culture, and I love exploring it and find it interesting to explore the differences and similarities to the other countries of the region.


ADDRESS/LOCATION: 30 Stevens Road,
OPENING HOURS: Everyday 10am – 10pm
Facebook/Instagram: FiSK / fiskseafood


EVENT NAME: Chef Markus of Fisk at FreeBird for Fourhands Seafood Dinner.
Date: Wednesday 17th January 2018
Location: Freebird Bangkok – Modern Australian Cuisine
Contact for Booking: 02 662 4936 /
Time: Start at 6.30pm
Price: 8 courses is 2350++