Chunky Burger Restaurant Sukhumvit Soi 23

Bangkok Foodies Review – Chunky

I read a review in BK online that the CHUNKY American Burger was 295 THB, written in April 2016. However, when we arrived, the lowest price for a beef burger was 370++THB with a token serving of frozen chips. I immediately thought – this better be good to inflate the price like that in under a year!

Firstly, they stuffed up our order bringing out only 1 burger out but I wasn’t going to start eating until my partner was served, after 5 agitating minutes they took “action”. After some hushed tones and flapping about pointing at receipts, the boldest waitress returned to inform me it would be another 10 minutes. They forgot my order. Even though the waitress had repeated it back to us, classic.  Luckily, instead of trying to heat up my now-limp and chewy burger, they brought out 2 freshly made. Bravo! A small service victory but a victory nonetheless. 

Chunky Burger Restaurant BangkokFoodies

I enjoyed the first bite, their homemade brioche was refreshingly light and unsweetened, the cheese melted nicely into the meat and the lettuce was fresh. The sauteed mushrooms and sauce were nice and creamy but the Australian beef patty lacked much depth, was missing loads of seasoning and was cooked medium when we asked for medium rare. The chips were like…chips, for frozen they were cooked as they should.  The atmosphere I would say was casually stylish, like your typically hip Sunday cafe with stark white walls, minimal furniture, in a comfortably bright and airy room

Chunky Burger Restaurant BangkokFoodies

 Another small nuisance, I could’t avoid to point out is that they stock only miniature bottles of water, which obliges you to buy one each. More cost. More plastic. The bill for two burgers with cheese (side fries) with 1 mini bottle of water was 825THB. Too high for what you get in my opinion, but definitely not an experience to live in regret.

Chunky Burger Restaurant BangkokFoodies



Chunky Burger Restaurant
110/1 Soi Sukhumvit 23
10110 BangkokTel: 091 742 4094
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm (Closed on Monday)