Bangkok Foodies Taste Test “Big Boy”, the Latest American Burger, Chicken Franchise in Bangkok, Thailand

          From the people who brought Hooters and Wing It to Thailand, now brings an iconic franchise of fast food. If you’re not familiar with American food culture, “Big Boy” has been around since 1936, starting off as Bob’s Pantry in Glendale, California. Recognisable by the trademark chubby boy in red and white checkered overalls, raising a tray with a Big Boy sandwich (double-decker cheeseburger) over his head. Some might say he’s adorable, others, downright creepy.

          Their signature burger The Big Boy consists of two thin beef patties placed on a three-layer bun with lettuce, a single slice of American cheese, and either mayonnaise and red relish (a combination of sweet pickle relish, ketchup and chili sauce). The famous burger became the inspiration and model for other burgers such as the McDonald’s Big Mac, and Burger King’s Big King , according to Wikipedia.

          Curious to see if the burger lives up to its epic history Bangkok Foodies team were privy to try via their delivery service. The meal arrives in sturdy cardboard boxes lined with Big Boy’s signature print red and white checkered paper. Looking very much like a Mc Donald’s Big Mac or technically, we should say the other way around, given that’s what we are familiar with in Thailand.

          The bun is incredibly dry but the combination of American cheese, rich creamy sauces, pickle and warm lettuce provides that familiar fast-food American burger taste that brings back the sort of nostalgia one can not shake. Whether those references are good or bad depends on upbringing and personal experiences.


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          For some, it may remind you of late light post-drinking fuel or attending children’s parties of wailing toddlers with greasy hands jumping in the pit ball pool, at fast food restaurants. The smiley ‘fries’ could be avoided altogether, but the regular fries weren’t that bad. Thick, long and potato meaty.


          The biggest surprise of all was the chicken. A unanimous vote on the degree of deliciousness if you’re into American style fried chicken. One staff member uttered “I prefer this than KFC, it’s less dry”, another commented “I like the peppery taste and the chicken is moist inside”, the same staff commented on the box branding, “that’s why ‘Chicken’ is mentioned first ” (before Burger and Shakes). Likely not the case but an appropriate observation.


          The Shakes sadly were missing, being a fan of shakes this would have been a welcome refreshment to the crunchy-skinned, peppery chicken. I guess you’ll have to wait for that one, and see what kind of thoughts they conjure up.

Classic Big Boy 169 THB
Smiley Potatoes 5 pcs. 65 THB
Original Crispy Chicken 2 pcs. 89 THB

Big Boy
Order: 095 807 7877 / our website / Line Official Account (OA) @bigboythailand and other various delivery partners in Thailand.

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