Food memories are the best memories; as travelling has stopped due to the pandemic, we’ve revisited those memories over and over and like most Bangkok Foodies, are counting the days where we can travel again, especially to foodies’ paradise such as Japan. 

One of the best memories anyone traveling to Japan must have experienced is dining at a traditional Izakaya restaurant; think shareable comfort food and many rounds of Kanpai cheers amongst good friends. What if you could replicate that memory, but with premium ingredients and at an affordable price? Bangkok Foodies found one of the best value Izakaya in Bangkok. Make your way to Yama no Tsubaki!

Located in Ratchada area, this unassuming Izakaya in Bangkok was co-founded by Blogger-turned-Restaurateur, Noppadol “Do” Phokachaipatana with a concept of making good food affordable and available for everyone.

“We wanted to have an easy-going concept, where people can come back to eat here again and again, not just being a passing fad,” said Do. Tsubaki, meaning Camellia Flower in Japanese became part of the name at the restaurant because of its relation to Spring, the season of abundance and joy which encourages gathering and good times, just like what Yama no Tsubaki aimed to do.

Upon entering this laidback Izakaya in Bangkok, foodies will be greeted with a massive collection of food listed on the wall, just like in a traditional Izakaya. From bites to share to lunch sets and special  Thai-Japanese menus, take a closer look at all the choices and you will notice that the prices are very affordable; snacks started from only at ฿39, and lunch set started at ฿165. The quantity you get with each serving definitely exceeds the price point. “I told my team part of the concept of the restaurant is to do whatever to cover the rice with as much topping as possible,” Do laughed.

This is a must visit Izakaya in Bangkok for Unagi and Imported Beef lovers because of it’s affordable price that doesn’t compromise with quality of the ingredient; the founder divulged with Bangkok Foodies, that the Unagi’s quality, for example are supplied at the most well known Japanese restaurants in the Sukhumvit area but at a fraction of the price; the Unagi Don lunch set at Yama no Tsubaki is only priced at ฿185. Sashimis are at a great price point too, with Kaisen Don started only at ฿170. If you’re looking for a unique Japanese dish to try, don’t miss the Beef Curry Udon with cheese for only at ฿190.


Yama no Tsubaki also served as a playground for Do and his team to come up with fun Thai-Japanese fusion menus. “Beside classic Japanese dishes, we also have Thai-Japanese fusion menus because while a lot of customers love Japanese food, they also crave the comfort of Thai taste as well,” said Do. 

Take the Tom Yum Ramen for example, once the sour and spicy broth has been put together with the chewy ramen noodle and toppings, it’s a perfect meeting of Japanese and Thai flavours Another dish not to miss out on is the Smoked Duck Kaphrao; thick cut of duck stir-fried with basil and Thai chillies to infuse the flavour then served on Japanese rice. The smokiness of the duck enhances the Japanese rice to make it even more fragrant, a perfect lunch or dinner for any hungry foodies! 

If you’ve missed travelling to Japan and crave Japanese foods that are decent quality and at an affordable price, be sure to check out this affordable Izakaya in Bangkok, Yama no Tsubaki. Trust us, it’s not going to hurt your wallet. 

Yama no Tsubaki

252/193 Muang Thai – Phatra Complex, Ratchadaphisek Rd, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310

Tel: +66 8185 42566

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