After a 14-year hiatus the “Bone-In Beef” has returned to the New York Steakhouse at JW Marriott Bangkok. Why was it banned, you ask? Well, some of us may recall the mad-cow scare which occurred well-over a decade ago, and although the beef has passed stringent quality tests, the ban in our Nation has only been lifted until recently.

          Executive Chef Kevin Thomson seized the opportunity to be the first restaurant to provide U.S. Bone-In Beef; T-Bone, Rib Eye and Porterhouse ( USDA Prime ) since it’s ban.

          The new menu items have been available since November 9th, 2017 and according to JW Marriott, are exclusive to the New York Steakhouse in Bangkok. Although since then it remains to be seen.


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New York Steakhouse currently offer three cu

  • ts of U.S. bone-in beef,Grilled CAB Prime T-Bone (22 oz) at THB2,800
  • Prime Porterhouse (32 oz) at THB4,900P
  • rime Rib Bone-In (26 oz) at THB 5,400

          All steaks come with two side dishes and are enough to share for two persons.


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          But how does it taste you ask? Bangkok Foodies had the opportunity to try and can assure you that it was well worth the wait, it tastes pretty damn good!

          The meat is exceptionally tender but still firm, the texture is surprisingly “clean” although juicy, meaning there is little sinew, or stringiness or an apparent taste of fat, the flavor was also mild. No weird funkiness there.

          However, we found other menu items equally kick-ass. The Lobster Bisque was incredible, and we loved the Caesar salad made tableside.

          It’s not surprising that New York Steakhouse has kept its high standards with their diligent staff and a chef who has been there since 1997!

          Chef Suriyan Phonkenhas been an integral part of NYSH’s development over the years, and he will personally come to your table to deftly slice up your juicy beef pieces, just as he has done for 20 years.

          If you’re looking for a meaty indulgence with a new purpose, this is the perfect excuse. Bring your credit card and a fellow carnivore along to NYSH for a long-time coming feast.

4 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 2
Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Phone: 02 656 7700