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Bangkok Foodies Review – Wine Connection

You may probably find many #BangkokFoodies at Wine Connection on a monthly basis, it’s the ‘safe bet’ for an acceptable pizza, pasta or salad when the salary starts to whittle and street food just wont cut it. Now Wine Connection have extended their affordable offerings at the new Steak House restaurant, THE GRILL.

Having implemented themselves at Groove Central World, locally renown for its fickle young Thai fashionable crowd and touristy time wasters, Groove has seen its fair share of big-name vendors coming and going. I was pleasantly surprised to see on a Tuesday night, the restaurant was lively and bustling on the widow side of the restaurant. The Steak House zone was another story.

Part modern industrial, part earthy, THE GRILL communicates little to drive home the steak and grill factor. The cold decor with plain wooden furniture lacks the culmination of identity and the deep house music ambiance adds to the confusion. Still, it’s not an uncomfortable place to sit, with good company and a bottle of wine (I recommend the Cotes Du Rhone, Plan De Dieu), one could easily pass hours. The chef prepares at a fair distance behind the glassed wall, open kitchen with an aging meat locker on display, apparently the first restaurant in Bangkok to possess this particular type.

THE GRILL one page menu is refreshingly straight to the point, with cuts from the USA, Australia and Japan with your choice of sauce (go for the Blue Cheese, Herb Butter or Bearnaise). The Chateaubriand Grain fed 150 days (500Grams/2,390THB) was insanely tender and juicy but also insanely tasteless. Ideal for those who eat meat but dislike a strong taste.

The Australian Tenderloin grain fed 150 days (250Grams/1,190) was when we struck gold! Cooked to medium-rare perfection, rich and smokey but above all, full of that grassy meat taste real meat-lovers love. The Wagyu is a splurge but not really a worthwhile one unless you’re into the warm and oily Wagyu experience.


Surprisingly, the 90THB sides, such as the Potato Gratin, Eggplant Parmigiana and Portobello Mushroom with Feta Cheese are served generously on top of being delicious. I think with a bit of sprucing up, maybe some Country finesse and suitable entertainment would greatly improve the experience. With all things considered, THE GRILL’s quality meat and competitive prices is what will attract discerning diners: a correctly grilled steak, some scrumptious sides and good, cheap wine.

Wine Connection The Grill
Tel: 02 613 1036