Makro makes its way to Thonglor soi 9

Good news foodies and especially tired and harangued business owners in the Thonglor and surrounding areas, Makro is here.  Makro – yes Makro – our beloved bulk buy retail chain giant has arrived to Thonglor.   

Located in just inside Thonglor soi 9, Makro Food Service have officially opened last month (July 2017). Targeting to service the affluent residents and restaurateurs of Upper Sukhumvit. Makro are well equipped to catering to business owners needs with their bargain prices and dependable offerings; baked goods, local fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, juices, dairy and other imported ingredients.

Not to mention the variety of bare essential household items and kitchen utensils industry people often need urgently and in abundance. That 40 roll toilet paper value pack doesn’t just fall from the sky you know.  But don’t possess any delusions of grandeur, it’s basically similar to the original Makro but much much smaller in size. Then again, what does size matter, when you can finally buy in a smaller amounts.

There’s now an alternative to buying in bulk, unlike we were once obliged at the original surplus store, Makro Food Service allows you to shop in smaller amount at wholesale prices! You may purchase without becoming a Makro member or subscribe as a member for membership benefits. It’s your choice.

So, no more sitting in traffic for Thoglorians and Ekkamaians with boot and back seats spilling over with napkins, takeaway packaging, mini toiletries and slabs of raw meat or seafood melting into oblivion. It might not seem much, but from business owners to delivery people in the area, it’s a freaking Godsend.


Location: 205/5-10 Sukhumvit55 (Thonglor soi 9),  Klongton Nue, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Near by Thonglor Pet Hospital

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