31t x BKK Event “Bit Cracking Gastronomy” at Warehouse 30

          For Bangkok Design Week 2018, 80/20 Bangkok Restaurant teamed up with 31T, an interactive program where guests can put together three food elements and record their findings on the 31T App.

          The App was created by Prang Lerttaweewit, previously highlighted at the Food & Creative Industries project of the New Nordic Food II program, ‘Staging Nordic Table 2024’ and the Bangkok Design Week would be its first Bangkok debut.

          The private event was held at Warehouse 30, an art and design hub space with outlets ranging from organic juice bars to handicrafts, boutique fashion and some rather pricey bottled water. There were also pop-up food vendors and live modern rock music for outdoor entertainment.

          Before the exercise began, guests witnessed Chef Napol (Chef Jo) of 80/20 Bangkok and the team set up the ingredients in single lines across a large glass table. There were an eclectic mix of food items to choose. Starting from the nostalgic caramel chew to funky Gorgonzola, pickled rainbow trout and fried bugs! Not excluding the addition of creative condiments like grated wasabi and raspberry vinegar, to truly test one’s experimental boundaries. 

          Guests were encouraged to pick three elements to put together in order to create a unique concoction that was pleasing to the palate. Trust me, it was not an easy task. The 31T app works like a self-created formula platform. It puts together each ingredient you select, and with a flat design of each food, creates a complete view of your final masterpiece, along with a comment that displays on a projection screen. The 31T App not only allows you to review your creations but to have access to a database of fellow hacks. It’s an online resource for the mad scientist cook and wannabes. 

          The exercise went on for about two hours and there were plenty of opportunities to learn what worked and what didn’t and how to improve a “dish” or, in some cases, destroy it altogether, guilty! It was like tapping into the mind of a Chef.


Bangkok Foodies loved the experience and would recommend it for all hardcore foodies and chefs to develop fun ways to create new flavour sensations. It’s “Science”. It’s social. It’s engaging. It’s educational, and more importantly, it’s loads of fun!

      To find out more contact: https://www.31t.org/


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