The French have long turned to their Cognacs and Armagnacs to take the edge of any stressful or overtly excitable occasion. Simon Thum, founder of Marco Polo Fine Wines says –  “Armagnac is the oldest brandy distilled in France while Cognac the most important brandy that was and is still used for gifting, from royals, head of states to celebrities.”

          If you’re looking for an alternative way to offer a luxurious gift or indulge and settle your bursting belly there are a range of classic, fine and vintage Cognacs and Armagnac available online to choose from.  But before you decide on what, Simon give us a little crash-course on the differences of the both and why it’s the badass boozy choice for your Festive celebrations.

NAME: Simon Thum


Business: Marco Polo Fine Wines


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          BKF: Please explain to us why Cognac and Armagnacs are a unique way to enjoy the festive season?

          Simon: Both are a delight after a large festive meal with or without a cigar or even throughout a festive meal. The aromas and golden-amber colours shown in a nice wine glass makes it definitely very special and festive.


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          BKF: What are they best paired with?

          Simon: They pair wonderfully well with smoked seafood, turkey, chocolates and round up every festive dinner. It’s also an attractive gift proposition, particularly XO Cognac or old vintage Armagnac.


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          BKF: Who are some of the most famous persons enjoying Cognac and Armagnac, now and in history?

          Simon: Almost all the Royals in Europe or Statesmen such as Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle but also modern times American Rap stars.

          BKF: What’s the fundamental difference between Armagnac and Cognac?

          Simon: Both are obtained from the distillation of white wine from South-Western France, Armagnac is from the region of Gascony while Cognac is from the Charentes.

          Cognac is double distilled but mostly a blend of vintages, while Armagnac is made from a single distillation and often presented from one single vintage.

          Armagnac production is far smaller than Cognac and therefore is less known outside Europe. In addition, Armagnac is for the most part made and sold by small producers, whereas Cognac production is dominated by big-name brands.

          Due to the single distillation, Armagnac is a touch rougher than the more refined Cognac. Armagnac is a bit like single malts / single cask vs Cognac that you find in supermarkets and duty free stores are from larger productions, similar to the big whisky houses.

          Our Armagnac offer goes back to 1941 with vintages available on demand from almost every year.

          BKF: What are the recommended drinking tips for Cognacs and Armagnacs? 

          Simon: Straight as an aperitif or after dinner, to accompany poultry, spicy food and cheeses, and to flambé a meat, seafood or a dessert, think about dark chocolate and a glass of Armagnac. They are very versatile but do not put ice in it as it would mask the beautiful aromas and dilute the quality.

          BKF: Your price range ?

          Simon: The VSOP Cognac (4 years ageing) starts at THB 2,900.- and our most expensive Cognac is a “Reserve Ancestrale”, only 300 bottles left at the Cellar and the cost is THB 25,000.-

          Our Armagnac range from many smaller Chateaux starts with THB 2,500.- for the Grand Assemblage 8 years and goes as far as 1941 which costs THB 66,000.-

          BKF: How to order?

          Pre-order or You can also give us a call 02 258 7495 or chat with us through Line ID: mpfw555