Foodpanda have snubbed their historical signature orange for a vibrant,  cheeky shade of Hot Pink! And it doesn’t stop there, they’ve paired this wonderful 80s hit shade with white and silver, giving these food delivery giants a rather provocative point of difference.

          Kind of makes you want to get out your plastic bangles and glitter eyeshadow or dig out that long-neglected tracksuit. It took us some time to adapt at the Bangkok Foodies office when news broke, but are now rather enjoying this brilliant move from Foodpanda who stands to make heads turn and eyes boggle when drivers whizz by in their fabulous new gear.  

          We interview the Co-founder of Foodpanda Thailand to find out whatever possessed them to take such a giant leap in the colour convention.

FULL NAME : Alexander Felde

TITLE :  ‎Co-Founder & Managing Director

COMPANY : Foodpanda (Thailand)

pink panda – foodpanda #bangkokfoodies

What made foodpanda decide to go for Pink?!

          The distinctive pink colour most definitely has an actual benefit. This colour is a great brand recognition asset and will be one strong differentiator for foodpanda to stand out in markets in which orange is used extensively throughout the cities´ landscapes. The panda, an iconic brand symbol, will remain at the forefront, but has been tweaked into a rounder, more modern version. The use of a simplified shape in terms of color and line weight has also come into place, while keeping the friendliness and enhancing the memorability of the logo. In addition, the font has been updated to be more contemporary, in line with the brand’s new direction.

          There’s one thing that will always stay the same: our quality of service and our mission to bring good food into people’s everyday.

What does Pink mean to foodpanda?

          Fresher. Bolder. Tastier.


foodpanda #bangkokfoodies

Some people have been experiencing difficulties on the App of late, is this due to updates on the system? And if yes, what improvements shall customers expect from the changes

          Yes, some issues are connected with the system upgrade. Besides our new brand identity we also offer a new app and website with added value for customers, including an improved user-friendly interface and features such as the live tracking of orders and dynamic delivery times. The team has been working hard to make sure that all issues are getting addressed and fixed and our customers can enjoy our convenient service.

Any more exciting news or sneak previews for foodpanda Bangkok in the future?

          Get ready to experience foodpanda’s first virtual restaurant in Bangkok. Stay tuned!