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Bangkok foodies Review – Elements Okura Prestige

The culmination of Elements at the hands of a quiet genius. #BangkokFoodiesReview #OkuraPrestigeBangkok #ElementsOkuraPrestige Listening among the chef’s whispers was of a place I’d never heard much about but unanimously had the highest regard. This inspired me to seek it out, along with the man who held such distinction among Bangkok’s most reputable chefs. Little did I realize how clearly I was to come face-to-face with my own ignorance. ( Not too difficult I hear you say). Chef Antony Scholtmeyer leads the kitchen at The Okura Prestige Bangkok with his unique take on Japanese with French savoir faire (know how). A seemingly carefree and humble character, so much, you wouldn’t guess how far and deep his culinary career has extends throughout the globe, but misconceptions will betray you once trying his dishes.

Elements Okura Prestige #bangkokfoodies

Elements Okura Prestige #bangkokfoodies

Elements Restaurant is located on the 25th floor of the hotel, the dining room is luscious and fairly opulent but not at all alienating or snooty. There’s also a stunning little terrace with an optimal view of the city skyline, which I bet few Bangkok residents are aware of. Actually – “why don’t they know about this” – became a running theme throughout the experience.

Elements Okura Prestige #bangkokfoodies

First meal presented, rendered us speechless, and I’m not even joking. My partner looked at me, I looked at him, we looked at each other and were completely lost for words. There was no way of defining what we were tasting. You couldn’t place it, familiarize it or even compare it. It took some time to grasp the originality and sophistication of each dish. Antony has made an art form of the ‘complexity in simplicity’, in taste and aesthetics. Surely an influence of his time in Japan and his skilled French ‘savoir faire’. There’s an evolution of textures and sensations that blossom on your palate as if the seasons themselves were unfolding.

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Elements Okura Prestige

The White Asparagus and Smoked Tofu with Onsen egg yolk, we’re summer and spring rolled into one, with an element of sea from the roe and earth from the smoky tofu. The story-telling in each is nothing short of sensational. 

Elements Okura Prestige #bangkokfoodies

I particularly loved the winter warmth of the miso consomme, with two robust and decadently dressed (with foie gras) Hokkaido scallops nesting inside. This gave me the impression of two elaborately robed sumos in a warm, steamy Onsen Spa. The Hamachi and Tuna Tataki were an elegant explosion of summer and zest and spice, with their bright colours and playfulness.

Elements Okura Prestige #bangkokfoodies

Elements Okura Prestige #bangkokfoodies

Elements Okura Prestige #bangkokfoodies

Chef Antony successfully takes you on a mysterious and exotic journey of Japan through his seasonal Japanese ingredients, combined with fresh and organic local produce, which are painstakingly prepared and cooked with an exacting precision. I’d say if you’ve had the opportunity to eat finely (and often) in Japan and France then you’re more likely to interpret Chef Antony’s cuisine, although the true uniqueness lies in the seamless integration of three cultures; French, Japanese and Thai. “Simply”, the culmination of Elements at the hands of a quiet genius. . . .


Our Highlight Dishes

-White Asparagus and Smoked Tofu – Onsen Egg Yolk – smoked daikon, salmon roe,
soba wafer 420THB
-Hokkaido Scallops topped with Foie Gras – Shimeji scented miso consomme 410THB
-Cod Grilled with Sake – Soba Risotto, tomatoes, shaved beetroot. 890THB
-Hamachi – tomato terrine, yuzu zest, wasabi leaves, nori sauce 580THB
– Tuna Tataki – ponzu jelly, avocado, ginger, baby shiso 420THB


This Month: The Japanese seasonal ingredients menu available every Tuesday – Saturday between 1 – 31 August 2017, 6 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Prices start from Baht 670++.



Elements restaurant at the 25th floor of The Okura Prestige Bangkok.
Park Ventures Ecoplex, 57 Wireless Road Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok 10330

02 687 9000

Opening Hours : Tuesday to Saturday 6pm-10.30pm