It’s only been half a year since Bangkok Foodies reviewed the new, BIRDS Rotisserie who is now in construction phase of their second location on the second floor of The Commons Thonglor 17.

          The announcement came months after Fowl Mouth’s fried chicken stand opens, yet it seems the BIRDS x The Commons partnership have been planned for some time already and respective vendors have very different offerings on their chicken-based menus. We say “the more the merrier”!

          Sukhumvit and Thonglor locals will be clucking over this news – given for any city slicker – a trip to Nang Lingchi Road is considered a bit of a hike, but the food is so damn good we are willing to make the journey every once in a while.

          Bangkok Foodies gets the exclusive scoop with Chef Jeremy Tourret, who reveals some of the rotisserie goodies they’ll have in store for us.


FULL NAME: Jeremy Tourret

POSITION: Chef-partner


OFFERING: Organic, free range Roasted chicken

BIRDS Rotisserie

BKF: How long has BIRDS been open ( original address )

          JT: We open the first BIRDS in soi Amon the 17th June 2017

BKF: What made you decide to open a second branch so quickly?

          JT: This is our business plan since the beginning to open some BIRDS corner every 6 month to be able to delivery a large area market in Thailand and bring to our customers our organic products right in front of their door all packed in our biodegradable packaging and offer to them another way to get gourmet food delivery.


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 BKF: Tell us in a few words what BIRDS is about? Your philosophy?

          JT: BIRDS is a locally farm to table concept in terms of poultry but also vegetables, dairy products with the all process of our secret recipe to marinate. Our main PRODUCTS is the chicken that offers to Bangkok, the memory that all French people know about this roasted chicken they used to pick up on Sunday morning at the market.

BKF: Who will be the Chef stationed there permanently?

          JT: I will be the Chef running the 2 BIRDS soi Amon and Thonglor The commons

BKF: You think people will be willing to come to the second floor of The Commons which is typically quiet? How will it be inviting?

          JT: I think people will come to the second floor. It’s a new floor layout and design with a totally different atmosphere which is getting build now to create a convivial and cosy environment for our customers to come with family and friends to chill out and have a great time

BKF: How did you know this space became available?

          JT: We’ve been approached by The Commons group as they find BIRDS concept great venue for what they are planning to create for the 2nd floor of The Commons

BKF: Will you offer anything different from the first branch?

          JT: Yes we will have a different offer than BIRDS soi Amon as we have a smaller space at The Commons but we still keep or Organic roasted chicken of course! 

BKF: When date you plan to open?

          JT: The plan is to open BIRDS at The Commons in mid to end of April 2018. 

BKF: How big is the new place? 

          JT: We have a 30m2 space with an open kitchen and a brand new rotisserie that we import from France

BKF: Why did you choose The Commons?

          JT: We love the concept about sharing and the opportunity for customers to order different types of food from the different vendors in The Commons

BKF: Do you worry about competition downstairs and how will you be different?

          JT: Life is all about competition, we are not worried about the food court downstairs. All the vendors are doing something unique and we are doing as well. The commons and Thonglor is a new market for us so we will adapt our menu based on the request from our customers. In the end the last words are the customer’s and they are the only ones who will decide where and what kind of food quality they’d like to have for their meal.


OPENING HOURS: to be decided
Facebook: BIRDS Rotisserie