Bangkok Foodies was founded by Ms Samantha, in late 2014. Originally as a highly active and trusted facebook group (Bangkok Foodies OFFICIAL), which outgrew it’s social media platform and has now stepped into it’s own media/news/publishing website

Now at puberty stage of, we are fresh, enthusiastic and easily excitable…. somewhat clumsy, inappropriate and a little bit foolish. But hey, that’s why they love us, we’re keeping it real! Never one to take things too seriously, foodies – for us – are individuals who just love to eat and wont shut up about it, so basically a majority of the online population.

Bangkok Foodies typically enjoy fine dining but are not above a good old rickety stool meal or ‘Best Mexican’ food slagging match. Our avid readers range from distinguished local chefs, hospitality industry peeps and everybody’s favourite, Joe Blow-I-know-where-to-get-the-best-Som-Tum-Foodies. provides local and International foodies with entertaining Restaurant Reviews, food blogs / vlogs, Interviews with Chefs, Foodies, things to do, places to stay, foodies events and even a Foodies Directory at your fingertips, to take the guess work out of dining.

Everyday we update our fans on who and what is happening around the Bangkok foodies scene. And not only Bangkok, we also cover Phuket Foodies, and will soon expand to other corners of Asia, until the imminent Foodies World domination!

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