Orange Wine Week Returns to Bangkok at About Eatery in 2018

Orange Wine Week is back after its successful debut last year at About Eatery.

          From 19 – 25 March Natural Wine revellers will have the opportunity to indulge in 20 Labels of Orange Wine and 10 Orange Wine Labels to be available by glass/ half glass. This is the perfect opportunity to taste a wide variety of this fascinating auburn hued wine.

         Orange Wine seems to be a hotly debated topic in the Sommelier and wine connoisseur world. It really is a love or hate relationship. Unlike red or white which we are more forgiving, and the spectrum of tastes can differ tremendously from one producer to another and that’s why it’s important to try as many as you can get your hands on, given their relative ( to red and white ) scarcity.

          Wine Folly describes the palate as “…robust and bold, with honeyed aromas of jackfruit (a fleshy tropical fruit), hazelnut, brazil nut, bruised apple, wood varnish, linseed oil, juniper, sourdough. On the palate, they’re big, dry, and even have tannin like a red wine with a sourness similar to fruit beer. Often they’re so intense that you might want to make sure you’re sitting down when you taste your first orange wine.” Those we’ve met in the wine world who love Orange Wine, defend and honor it with a passion that borders on disturbing.

          Now, for those of you new to the Orange Wine scene, there are none of that tangerine or orange fruit involved in the making process, it is – in fact – a wine with white grapes macerated with their skins. Orange wine is simply white wine made like a red wine. Confused much? Never fear, one of Bangkok’s better known and respected Sommelier Giulio Saverino, also partner at About Eatery will be there, ready to chew your ear off about it.

          But the food?! The week’s schedule will entail specials from Monday to Sunday that will compliment the Orange Wine Week experience. Artisan platters, an indulgent gourmet Orange Wine pairing dinner, Seafood extravaganza and a Sunday Picnic style (a la carte brunch) with live music to end an Orangey week.


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           Reserve your spots today because they fill up fast, and get ready to funk up your taste buds with a wine which has long been existing but is now being worldly appreciated.

          The Orange Wine Week is the perfect opportunity to whet your palate heading into The Natural Wine Festival in June 2018, Thailand’s biggest Natural Wine Festival with the largest range of Natural Wines. Watch this space!


Monday 19 – Wednesday 21
Ultimate Artisan Platter with a selection of cold cut and cheese from local artisans

Thursday 22:
Highlight* Orange Wine Dinner – A new age cuisine tasting feast pairing with Orange Wines.

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Friday 23 – Saturday 24:
Pescheria – Seafood Market with special A la carte menu by Chef Fabio Colautti 


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Sunday 25:
Farmers’ Picnic with special a la carte menu, local and sustainable produce, guest artisans and live music.


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