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          Tucked away on the M floor of the Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok is an Omakase restaurant.The word ‘Ichika’ In Japanese means “one flower”, referring to the one flower that can delight the senses. The restaurant is a quaint private space with an all-wood interior with two small bars, one of which holds a tank which bubbles away with live seafood and the “main” counter which acts as the chef’s table.


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          For those who don’t know what “Omakase” is, Omakase, in Japanese, means “I leave it up to you”, basically referring to “chef’s choice of seasonal menu”. It’s not always easy for some of us foodie control freaks, but leaving the meal up to the chef is the unique beauty of Omakase. Every dish is new and mysterious surprise. That’s if you don’t Omakase everyday, like most of us considering it’s opulent yet taste-worthy prices.

          This particular Omakase has quickly become a secret favourite for Omakase diners, and the Omakase curious. Like all Omakase, the seafood must be incredibly fresh. Ichika Omakase received their orders from Tsukiji Market, Tokyo and Osaka which are flown in fresh every single day, such as Subugai, Kaki, Kurumaebi, Kekani.


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          However, Omakase is nothing without a highly skilled Omakase Chef to slice and dice and prepare seafood into incredible morsels that melt so delicately in your mouth. Watching the chef construct these mini masterpieces is an experience to be felt at least once in your life. But beware as you will be sure your standards will have risen to new heights and it’s very hard to go back from great Omakase.


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          Not forgetting, with Omakase, a highly skilled Chef, needs powerful tools. At Ichika Omakase the knives are forged from top-grade Japanese blue steel, which are exceedingly sharp, allowing for high accuracy cuts without imparting taste to the fresh ingredients. These are fine details we often never consider or missed when hanging out at our regular, local sushi bars.

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          Like, this restaurant’s cutting board which is made of a 150-year-old-tree, the variety chosen specifically for the size and shape of seafood pieces which effects presentation, but more importantly, the taste. There’s a world of skill and history in the art of Omakase and Ichika Omakase is a perfect place to start.  


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Ichika Omakase
19 Sukhumvit Soi 18, M Floor,
Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Tel: 061 165 6546
Facebook: Ichika Omakase