Updated 24th October 2017

Businesses closing their doors on 26th October 2017

These will close on 26th October 2017 after 3pm.

          ** ONLY Bar B Q Plaza will close for whole day       

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(Insider News) Restaurant Business Owner with multiple outlets around Bangkok.

          Bangrak District just came and explained what is what this coming 25th and 26th in connection with the King’s cremation.

  • 25-no alcohol
  • 26-every “shop” should be closed at this day in respect for the King’s cremation.

          So stock up on food for the 26th. Restaurants may even be closed. Except department stores which are closed or closing at 3 pm.

**This notification is for the Bangrak district which is the Silom area. To find out the regulations for your area you need to call them directly.


Updated 23th October 2017

Thai Television Stations have been ordered to return to full color immediately. 

         ” BANGKOK — A week before the cremation of King Bhumibol, the national broadcasting regulator told television stations Thursday to stop stripping the color from their programming.” – Source : Khaosod English

Previous order to desaturate by 40% from October 1st, have been scrapped. However, airing programs related to His Majesty the Late King, displaying of the logo or ribbon (in black and white) as originally advised and cancelling entertainment shows is still in effect. 

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission have stated the reversion is due to inconsistencies across various channels. 

Updated 18th October 2017

Road closure announcement

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  • BTS, MRT (Free service only 1 day on 26th October 2017)
  • BTS extention On- Nut to Samrong and Wongwian Yai – Bang Wa, MRT violet line and Airport Link (Free service for 3 days on 25-27th October 2017)

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Updated 17th October 2017

“Pata Pinklao” not closed 26 October to service people who attend The Royal Cremation 

          Pata Pinklao Department Store has issued a declaration to open the service on 26 October 2017, even though it was a royal ritual. The service is scheduled to be discontinued on that date. The reason for facilitating people to attend the ceremony. Because it is the only mall most nearly ceremonial county.

  • Pata Pinklao will be available on October 26, 2017 at 10.00 – 21.00 hrs.To service people who attend ceremonies, want to stay tired, dodge the sun, get out of the rain, go to the bathroom, meet relatives or bus. And It is also the way to walked inside the ceremonial area of ​​the royal cremation”

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Updated 16th October 2017

Charoen Pokphand Group

          Charoen Pokphand Group would like to be part of the Thai people to unite our loyalties and to give mercy to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Bromnabophit and to let the staff attend the royal ceremony.



7-11 #bangkokfoodies

  • By announcing the temporary closure of the CP Fresh Mart stores nationwide on October 26, 2017 from 3:00 pm and will be available again on October 27, 2016 at 6:00 am
  • True Shop will close all branches except the airport branch on October 26, 2017 from 3:00 pm onwards. It will reopen during business hours on October 27, 2017.
  • The 7-Eleven stores will be closed all over the country on October 26, 2017, from 2:30 pm until midnight.

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Updated 15th October 2017

Avoid Using the Road for the Major Rehearsals of the Royal Cremation


Updated 12th October 2017 






Central Pattana Group

  • CentralPlaza And Central Festival. Will  be closed on Thursday, October 26 from 3 pm onwards. ** Except Central World and CentralPlaza Rama 2 because it will be open to the public for convenience. It is a place to hold a ceremony of public offerings.

Cinema Major Cineplex

  • Will not service all branches nationwide on Thursday 26th October 2017, 119 branches. To give employees to present their gratitude. In the ceremony of the royal burial. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Boromnabophit and His Majesty the King’s graciousness are the most immeasurable.

Tesco Lotus

  • On October 26th, Tesco Lotus will be closed at 14.00 hrs. Except Lotus Express. To give employees the chance to share their experience with the people of Thailand.

Isetan Department Store

  • Isetan Department Store will close on Thursday, 26 October for a day on the occasion of the Royal Relic of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Bhombanbopit.

Robinson Department Store

  • Will close on 26th October after 3pm

The Mall Group

  • On Thursday, October 26, 2017 is a day of great importance for the Thai people to devote their loyalty. And to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. And for the employees of The Mall Group Co., Ltd., entrepreneurs, shops, restaurants have the opportunity to share their offerings.The company would like to inform the closure of Ramkhamhaeng, Thapra, Ngamwongwan, Bangkae, Bangkapi and Nakhon Ratchasima from 15.00hrs but The Emporium, The Emqurtier and Siam Paragon will be service as usual

Big C Supercenter        

  • Public Company Limited is not closed, but delivery service is available nationwide.

Index Living Mall

  • Index Living Mall has closed all branches nationwide. Will close on Thursday 26 October 60 at 14.00 hrs., The staff will have the opportunity to attend the ceremony.

Centre Point Hospitality, a Quality Houses PLC company.

  • Terminal 21, Terminal Korat, Fashion Island,Promenade will close at 15:00 on 26th October 2017.




Northern Line Shuttle Bus service available.

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The Library Samui, a Design Hotel Which Brings Storybooks to Life | Bangkok Foodies

You can take a shuttle bus to pick you up – Send you to the Nanglang Horse Stadium as follows:

  • Don Muang Airport In the period from October 25-29, you can take a car from the 2-storey building 15 on the 3rd floor with 1 car per hour.
  • Muangthong Thani
  • Chaengwattana Government Center
  • Future Park Rangsit
  • Police Club Vibhavadi Rangsit Road
  • Kettlefield Stadium

The shuttle bus that will pick you up – to the Vipassana Monastery is as follows:

  • BTS Victory Monument
  • Mo Chit Bus Terminal 2

West Line

  • You can take a shuttle bus to pick up at the Arun Amarin junction.
  • Bang Yai in the Central West Gate.
  • Phutthamonthon 4 Road
  • CentralPlaza Salaya
  • Southern Bus Terminal Boromarajonani Road

Southern Line

          You can take a shuttle bus to pick you up at the mouth of the canal market. Hua Lamphong MRT Station CentralPlaza Rama II and Wongwian Yai BTS station.

Eastern Line

          You can take the shuttle bus to pick up and drop off at the mouth of Klong Talat Market at Ekkamai Bus Terminal, including Shuttle Bus. Airport Link Makkasan BITEC, Bangna Mega Bangna and Suvarnabhumi Airport. 8th floor, Terminal 1

There are 6 parking spots on the bus.

  • Arun Amarin Landing Point For Buses 42 68 80 91 203 556
  • Viking Grounds For Buses 3 12 32 79
  • Pak Mueang Canal Market For buses 1 2 15 25 53 82 508 511
  • Horse Park For buses 59 59 70 503
  • The park is separate. For bus 47
  • Rama VI Bridge for Buses 509 516

   for details of all traffic closures at the Royal Jubilee Corps. Call 1441 and ask for directions to the royal ritual. From the hotline of the telephone number 1348.

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Updated (Mon 2nd October 2017). There will be no alcohol served Thursday 5th October – วันออกพรรษา The End of Buddhist Lent Day . No word on other days as yet, Bangkok Foodies will keep you posted. 

Source: The Nation 
           “The royal cremation ceremonies of HM the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej (King Rama IX) will be held between October 25 and 29.”

          “October 26th, the day of cremation, will also be a national holiday to allow members of the public to take part in the important event”

          “Assistant Government Spokesman Colonel Atisit Chaiyanuwat announced Tuesday that HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn (King Rama X) had approved the schedule.””Last Friday, King Rama X also approved the Office of the Prime Minister’s decision to declare his birthday, July 28, and the day of his father’s passing, October 13, as important days in Thailand.” “King Rama X ordered that royal ceremonies be held in remembrance of his father on October 13 every year, the same way royal ceremonies are held in commemoration of his great grandfather, King Rama V”.


          Stating it’s a sensitive time coming up in Thailand is a gross understatement. During this October 2017, F&B operators, entertainment venues, party-goers, diners/drinkers are required to respect the rules and regulations of the King’s cremation period.

          Although, we understood the information available to professionals and the general public is scattered, unclear and often confusing, particularly in English.

          Bangkok Foodies have put together an “Unofficial Guide” from collating and translating official online documents (which are still highly ambiguous), plus unofficial word-on-the-street by f&b industry locals. Most of which will hopefully assist operators to avoid any wrong doing or making any “faux pas”. 

          We will continue to update as the news unfolds. But don’t take this as holy gospel, This is Thailand, and we know anything can change one day to the next.

Be mindful and play it safe peeps. 


General translation of official statement from Thai Government News Website

  • Thai government does not prohibit entertaining activities or events during The Royal cremation ceremonies in October except for the following:
  • The Prime Minister only mentioned that on 26th October – the day of the actual cremation that should consider the appropriateness; i.e. live music in public area should be restrained.
  • During 21st – 25th October the entertainment activities should be scaled down.
  • Other activities/events such as weddings or alcohol serving should be managed in private venue within hotels. (more details on this later) 



* Last updated: 15th September 2017 – The Online Media Providers Association

There are 2 method choices for Web publishing during in October 13th to 29th:

  1. All the online media or web publishing must be desaturated to 40% of normal color or set to grayish tone
  2. The color of media may remain, but a black ribbon must be represented on a corner or on a tab.

13th and 21th to 29th October (10 Days)

No ad activity or any promoting of events, except for content relating to the mourning period of the Thai King is still allowed to be published.

25th to 27th  (3 days)

  • All ads activity on every platforms or events must be paused (not-active), due to the Royal Thai Cremation ceremony .

28th October

  • The colors of online media and web publishings may return to normal format, except no new promotional advertisements launched on that date.

30th October

– All advertisements can be returned as normal.

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– word-of-mouth by undisclosed persons in the liquor industry. 

The week of the cremation we are planning to be closed
We hear that the week before will be no alcohol as well but no official announcement – Bar Owner

Just speculation that places like bars, clubs, etc will not serve alcohol and any music will be banned. Probably 3 day – Sommelier 

15 day ban (across the board) , but they have not decided whether its enforced or suggested. – Beverage consultant