We’ve all heard of ‘Chef’s Table’ in restaurants and Private Chef’s for hire, it’s as close to getting to the chef and the action in the kitchen as much as possible. Just ask any foodie who bum-rushes to the  open kitchen stools to spends their evening sniffing, ogling and pandering the chef with neurotic questioning (hrem!)

          But now Bangkok is starting to catch up with a concept long existing in New York’s exclusive culinary scene, where diners are invited into chef’s private homes, not to slurp up Mama’s spag bol and guzzle self-poured box-wine (which also sounds awesome), but create dishes to rival or even exceed some Michelin starred restaurants. 

Chef Pichaya “Pam” Utharntharm

          You may recall Chef Pichaya “Pam” Utharntharm, whose story went viral, where by default, she opened a ‘restaurant’ in her home that now has a 3 month waiting list.

          Since then, Bangkok Foodies has discovered that Chef Davina Pickering and her partners (Susan and Milo) at Bangkok Supper Club will open their own version of private dining in Bangkok. We ask Chef Davina more about how it started, what she intends to put on the plate and how to get bums on seats. 

Chef Davina #bangkokfoodies

Tell us a little about your background, culinary career and how you came to Bangkok?

        I graduated 20 years ago in London in pastry and for the past 8 years now create savoury also. I’ve worked in a variety of restaurants/Michelin star, hotels, casinos, members clubs.  Last year I worked on a Oceania cruise ship, relocated to Bangkok to live closer to my parents who are retired here. I am consultant chef for a selection of brands in the city / WWA Cafe brand & also teach cooking workshops at the commons

What inspired you to develop this concept?

          I was approached by my acupuncturist/dearest friend Susan to be part of this concept where she & her partner Milos have created a beautiful space in their 5 story townhouse located at Sukhumvit 42/1. Susan originally launched this in New York & now is bringing it to Bangkok & invited me to be the chef for this fantastic project

BKF: What type of cuisine will you be serving?

          DP: British inspired and infused with the foods I have had from all over the world

Dish by Davina #bangkokfoodies

BKF: When and where will these events be held?

          DP: Launches 10th November and will be held every Friday’s & Saturday’s evenings each week at Suk 42/1

BKF: Any unique dishes or special ingredients or produce you plan to serve?

          DP: The menu will be revealed once the guests arrive that evening. This is the platform where I have no barriers & can create what I wish to to the style that matches my creative mind

BKF: What should the diners expect at Bangkok Supper Club?

          DP: An evening that brings a concept of community together with 1 long table holding 20 guests per sitting. A collective share on food, wine combined with  life’s experiences. An evening at someone’s home with the menu being cooked in an open kitchen by a professional chef. A home from home experience with comfort, soul and a culinary journey of the senses

Long table #bangkokfoodies

BKF: The menu plan?

          DP: Set menu of 5 courses

How would diners book?

          https://www.bangkoksupperclub.com/ press on the link & select reservations

BKF: How much would people be paying per head approximately?

          DP: 3000 Thai Baht per head includes beverages.

BKF: You think Bangkokians are ready for this type of dining?

          DP: Absolutely, a unique, personal & warm filled concept combined with food created with love

BKF: What do you think is the biggest challenge of making people come to your dinners?

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          DP: We are new, it will take time for the future guests to know of this concept

BKF: Do you think there will become a growing demand for this concept? 

          DP: Personally I think there is a growing demand, I believe it’s a new trend, there are more chefs wanting to cook in their own home or a home that’s in concept where you’re not going to eat in a restaurant.

          It’s more relaxed, more personal service, seeing a chef in their own open kitchen, with their own meals that they created for that night. It’s a wonderful concept and really fantastic for Bangkok. 

BKF: When the trend grows, what do you think of more chefs doing this? 

          I do hope that more chefs do this, we do have chef’s tables in restaurant and that is personal but to go to somebody’s home is very very different. We’re going to ask guests to get a little bit dressed up, we’ll create themes, bring in all guests to bring parts of themselves and life to the event also.

          So, it’s going to be to be an interesting community-type of gathering not just about the food, its the collective.


 Prefer to eat at your own home or a desired locale?

          I think you would be hard pressed to find another passionate and highly social couple as Chef Edoardo and his partner in crime, Taksina of Barefood Bangkok. The two have their “day” jobs but moonlight as “cheese” makers, Vegan cheese that is.

          Now whether you agree or not with the term, the two have come up with some incredibly tasty products. They have recently opened a mini shop at their downstairs townhouse in Ekkamai, and it is here they hold private dinners and workshops, either by request or pop-ups which focus on clean but absolutely tasty living. 

          Gula celebrates their 3 years of operating their Private Chef catering business. Chef Jacobo Astray is a Spanish Chef, experienced in the kitchens such as elBulli. Jocobo creates dishes for those seeking a more Avant garde gastronomic experience, either for your private indulgence or corporate event.

          And if you’re dietary requirements are a little more complicated, Maricel Lukkanit of Vegan Crush, a personal Chef, Edutainer and Artist Traveler from Germany will create unique Vegan fusion dishes at the place in which you desire or you may register to join their pop-up events.