There’s really no other market like it. In fact, you’re not even sure if it is a market or a fair or a festival but ‘Made by Legacy’ managed to capture the hearts of thousands upon thousands of music, fashion and antique lovers in Bangkok. And we’re not talking the grungy or feral kind either.

          Most fascinating of all, they’ve managed to attract the coolest, dare I say,hippest of Bangkok’s crowd,without breaking an actual hip, by utilising their exceptionally dynamic, high velocity, creative marketing campaign skills. Now they’re introducing their first ever Mad Face Food Week 2018, which promises an orgy of gourmet food stands starring some of Bangkok’s edgiest and finest chefs, creators and artisans. 

          Bangkok Foodies have frequented many of Made by Legacy’s soirees and continue to be in awe of the growing swell of followers they’ve gained among the foodies and often elusive (high spending) subculture community. It was a must to pick the brains of the mastermind behind this phenomenon and find out how Mad should foodies face their next big event.  

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NAME: Vudi
ORGANISATION: Made by Legacy
NAME OF UPCOMING EVENT: Mad Face Food Week 2018

BKF: How did this idea come about and by whom?

           Vudi: The idea was light-up through conversations of two friends who are fond about flea markets around the round and once lived in New York City. The very first conversation were happened at ‘About Cafe’ soi Nana 10 years ago between ME and Mr. Prasong Kunhasura (@Bangklyn) who now moved back to NYC to open a new project called “Bangklyn East Harlem”.


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BKF: What was your inspirations?

          Vudi: The subcultures of people in the same community, like some of flea markets, they have so many preferences and different rituals but at the end of the day they are friends and they respect each others. That was my inspirations and the energy I want to bring back to my hometown.

BKF: What was your very first market like and why the Vintage/Flea Market theme?

          Vudi: The debut was one of the impossible gatherings because those first 26 vendors they were lovers and haters in nature. They’ve never been together, which was kinda surprised and everyone knows that. The theme itself was of course from my idea and inspirations, which I mimicked the atmosphere of Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene near where I used to live that always brings the good vibe.


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BKF: It’s very fashion orientated and art orientated, was this the direction you always plan to go with?

          Vudi: Actually it’s more than fashion and art. I would say it’s about people I know personally. Some of them love music made them fashionable, some of them are collecting random stuffs made them artsy, and some of them have unusual hobbies made them original.


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BKF: How much has your concept changed or evolved since the first time?

          Vudi: The core concept has not been changed at all but the size of event, the mix of people and their status has evolved drastically. I have seen a lot of shoppers become sellers, goods vendors become food vendors, and food vendors opened restaurants or cafes.

BKF: We notice it’s much more like a festival than only a market or fair and you have a strong community following you, how did you do that?

          Vudi: The content is the key. To me the content is not just programming or creating activities but it’s about branding and making strong relations with communities and people in all subcultures you might come across.

BKF: We also noticed your fun, colourful and sometimes bizarre artwork and videos. Who is behind this and why this approach?

          Vudi: Everything is from my preferences and what I might be interested at particular times. I am always having fun trying new elements and making curiosity to the audience. I believe this kind of image is perfect for the lazy weekend and would bring cool crowd.

BKF: Would you be offended if somebody called your festival a “hipster festival”?

          Vudi: Yes, I would since the ‘Hipster’ word had been misconceived but haha it’s not too serious.

BKF: Describe to us the type of persons who come to your market festivals?

          Vudi: Cool people of all kinds.

BKF: What type of foods should we expect?

          Vudi: Mainly are tasty home recipes and comfort food, not quite street food. Some food have creativities in it yet still have very traditional tastes.

BKF: Tell us about the upcoming MAD FACE Festival and how will it be different to all other food fairs?

          Vudi: Mad Face is a new community for food lunatics that has its philosophy similar to Made By Legacy in term of enjoyment and connecting people. Mad Face Food Week is an annual event gathering locals and expats who are really passionate and influential about not only the F&B matters but other vibrant movements since they have such cool lifestyles, a lot of creativities, and come from all walks of life.

          What makes this event so different from others is that, firstly, if you come to event you will see that many of food vendors they are familiar faces from other fields but they can cook well. And most participants and chefs they are somehow good friends and they will bring more friends and exchange connections and that I call it a real party!


DATE OF EVENT: 2,3,4 March 2018
ADDRESS/LOCATION: Sermsuk Warehouse (Pepsi Pier)
Instagram: @madebylegacy
#: #madebylegacy #MBL9