From Choc to Chick, or potentially the two combined, Chirayu Na Ranong (Toey) of Chu – a Bangkok institution for decadent hot chocolates and sticky sweets – has turned fowl.

          Toey will be opening a booth at the Commons (Thonglor soi 17) dedicated to fried Nashville style hot chicken. These are deep fried battered chicken pieces which are marinated, floured and typically smothered with a cayenne pepper sauce.


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          A poultry snack so revered in Nashville, there is a citywide festival with multiple competition commemorating it. There’s commonly variations of this fried chicken, and it is rumoured Toey has some rather exciting flavours up his wing.  

          We’ve already heard news of their Hot Chicken Sandwich with “…Crispy buttermilk-brined boneless thigh, creamy coleslaw, dill pickles, Mississippi Comeback Sauce and fresh baked bun from Maison Jean Philippe and curly fries”.


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          And to add fire to the foul, Toey insists his hormone & antibiotic-free chicken is brined overnight in buttermilk & spices, before being double-fried in 100% Soybean for extra crisp, then slathered in hot sauce.


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          So when can you try it? Well if all goes according to plan, it should be open for soft trading by Wednesday 29th November, but if not, you can camp out and stalk the chicks until the hot, smoky scent hits you.


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          You will find Fowl Mouth of the Ground Floor of the Market area at the Commons, their sets are rumoured to range between 250THB – 350THB for a side and a drink.

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