Covid-19 Outbreak in Bangkok Forces Upscale Restaurants to Reinvent Their Cuisine Fit For Delivery

By Wariya I.

          After the first signs of COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand, many of us self-imposed a lock-in at home and a mandatory 24-hour lock-in by the powers-that-be may appear to be imminent. 

          Since the restaurant and bar industry has been hit by this devastating blow, restaurant staff, chefs, and of course restaurateurs fate have been left in the balance. The supply chain of distributors, artisans and farmers are also invisible victims. 

          Sure, we can all boil up a pot of instant noodles or order in our favourite pizza but what about those hundreds of restaurants that rely on ‘bums on seats’? 


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          In order to survive, mid to upper scale restaurants have looked to immediate solutions. We caught some of those who have ramped up their takeaway and/or delivery options or adapted their finer dishes to a delivery format to keep the business running and also their customers satisfied.

          Now, alongside your greasy pizzas and homemade noodles, you can enjoy a touch more sophistication in the comfort of your home, most of all you will be helping to support and possibly saving this struggling industry.

          Side note; We wish we could have all restaurants on here, as you know it would not be possible, but those already available for delivery or have been for a long time are easy to find on Foodpanda, LINEMAN, Grab or Get applications or contact the restaurants directly to see if they are delivering. Be sure to scroll deeply in the delivery applications in order to see those smaller vendors who are not in a position to advertise. Lastly, don’t forget to #EatitForward ! 

Le Du

Chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn of 1 Michelin-Starred Le Du was one of the first to offer his fine cuisine as takeaway. Foodies will be able to enjoy close-to fine-dining quality at home to make your solitude that little less gloomy. Chef Ton even offers his famous River Prawn with Shrimp Paste Rice dish to indulge on. All you need to do is call the restaurant and send someone to pick up your food. As soon as you get your order, follow the chef’s instructions attached in order for maximum deliciousness. Be sure to book in advance as those River Prawns appear to be selling like hot cakes. 

Menu Highlights: River Prawn with Shrimp Paste Rice (900THB)
Tel: 092 919 9969


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          Many of you probably visited this sustainable-friendly Indian fine dining restaurant complete with an urban farm on the premise dreamed up by Chef Deepankar Khosla (DK) but Haoma was not about to disappear like the edible ducks on his popular “Disappearing Duck” menu since this crisis hit. Chef DK and the team put together an Indian delivery menu with Indian mainstays to attract the masses but with Chef DK’s unique taste. Not only do they deliver food to your house or curbside but also recommend pairing wine with your orders. Their selections include white and red wines from Europe and America.

Menu Highlights: Chicken Tikka (380THB), Murg Malai Kabab (380THB) and Mutton Keema Biryani (390THB)
Tel: 093 125 0699
PM: IG: @haomabkk or FB: Haoma Bangkok


This rustic Italian restaurant serves up cuisine from Italy’s Abruzzo region, foodies in Bangkok won’t have to jump on a plane to Italy to experience either. Just to help you understand what Abruzzo cuisine may entail is one nifty pasta they are famous for. It takes this rudimentary wooden tool with strings called the ‘Chitarra’. When the fresh pasta sheet is placed over the Chitarra and pressed with a roller, it slices the pasta into strips. Seemingly to the naked eye it may appear like any fresh pasta variety but the textures are a whole new world to any average supermarket. Curious to try the cuisine of Abruzzo? It’s very easy to have these dishes delivered, just jump online, make a few selections and presto!

Menu Highlights: Pasta Party Special: Grilled Octopus Tentacles/Saffron Cream/ Potato (680THB), Chitarra Spaghetti with Tomato Ragu of Veal/ Lamb/ Pork (420THB), Italian Risotto with Saffron/ Italian Sausage/Parmesan Cheese (400THB), Linguine Pasta with Carabineros Red Prawn (650THB) and Pasta L’OLIVA (450THB)


App: Line Man, Foodpanda


          Chef Vichit Mukura, recently honoured 1 Star Michelin in the Michelin Guide 2019, Khao is also providing delivery. Chef Vichit makes his delicate but tasty Thai food available at foodies’ doorsteps, satisfying the needs of those who are looking to ramp up their night-in, for something a bit more classy. We highly recommend the Crab Omelette. The fluffy savoury omelette with chunky, fresh crab meat filling is simply to-die-for and a refreshing alternative to the other Michelin-Starred vendor producing famous crab omelettes.

Menu Highlights: Crab Omelette (738THB), Stir-Fried Thai Green Eggplants with Minced Pork and Salted Fish (300THB), Wok-Fried Rice Noodles with Chicken (310THB) and Daily Set Menu for 2-4 people (1250 and 1350 THB)
Tel: Ekkamai Branch: 02-3812575, 098-8298878, Tonson Branch: 02-2521619, 093-5050055
Line: @Khao
App: Line Man

Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu

          If you’re looking for Pad Thai by a Chef who runs a Michelin-starred restaurant, you can count on Chef Andy Yang from Table 38. This is no regular Pad Thai because, here, they allow the flame to enter the inside of the wok to help the noodle absorb the sauce better. Chef Andy’s unconventional thick-cut crispy pork instead of chicken or prawn as a topping makes this a star attraction Phat Thai choice. You can receive your flame-fried and juicy noodle dishes at your door with just a few taps on the phone. 

Menu Highlights: Pad Thai with Crispy Pork (220THB), Pad Thai with Shrimp (the classic) (220THB) or Pad Thai with Grilled Pork (190THB)
App: Line Man


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          When it comes to sushi or sashimi, one of the names that comes up is Fillets, due to the high-quality fresh ingredients and creative preparation of Chef Randy Chaichat “Font” Noprapa who learned his techniques from sushi masters like Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto and Chef Hidemasa Yamamoto. Chef Randy’s food now comes in sets of maki, sushi + maki/ mini donburi + delicious castara tamago or some selection of donburi, and the dishes also come with miso soup with yuzu.

Menu Highlight: Fillets Wagyu Donburi (900THB), Fillets Barachirashi (890THB), Maki Set (900THB), Cooked Set (1,190THB) and Fillets Chef Choice 9 (1,900THB)
Tel: 02 041 6056
App: Line Man, Foodpanda and Get
Other: LINE: @fillets


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          The famous Indian restaurant in Bangkok, Indus, which is known for supplying curry-loving foodies’ top quality Indian cuisine for 15 years have been in the delivery game for some time but many of you may not be aware. During times like this, you can still get your fix of buttery, Butter Chicken with garlicky, Garlic Naan or even Kebab-e-Malai, without ever having to put your shoes on. 

Menu Highlights: Butter Chicken (417THB), Kebab-e-Malai (417THB), Raan (150g./ 535THB, 300g./1,059THB and 500g./1,808THB), Tandoori Lamb Chops (738THB) and Paneer Tiranga (396THB)
App: Grab Food


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Upstairs at Mikkeller

          The Upstairs at Mikkeller on the facility’s 2nd floor is the place where 1 Michelin-Starred Chef Dan Bark works his magic on cooking delicate food and beer pairing. So for those who crave for some elevated comfort food but are afraid to step out of your crib, it’s just one call away to get your Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs or those delicious delicious Tom Yum Wings handed to you, but for those who seek something more elevated, try Chef Dan Bark’s Signature 4 Course Delivery Menu which begins with the golden brioche served with olive oil jam, butter and Hawaiian salt then the a starter course tasty salad of taro, truffle vinaigrette and shimeji which is followed by the main course, Coq au Vin, served with creamy mashed potato, mix vegetables and rockets, and the final course, the dessert! A Japanese cheesecake covered with white whip cream, cashew and lime purée.

Menu Highlights: Smoked BBQ Ribs (480THB), Beetroot Salad (280THB), Mikkeller Wagyu Burger & Fries (380THB), Tom Yum Wings (290THB) and 4 Course Delivery Menu (990THB+)
Tel: 083 783 1393


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Funky Lam

          This modern Laotian joint ’s not afraid of bold flavours along with matching cocktails and an extensive wine list designed to stand up to the fiery flavours. They’ve just re-announced that they are doing the delivery. Their Larb Pa is different from other Larbs because other than using rainbow trout and salmon roe, they also use modern cooking techniques to enhance the flavour and texture, many of which are influenced by the French “savoir faire”, which is evident across their dynamic menu. 

Menu Highlights: Sai Oua (290THB), Larb Pa (480THB), Lao Parccio (360THB), Yam Khao Poon Khe Yo (210THB) and Tum Teang Kak Mhoo (190THB)
Tel: 02 050 0469


Chef Duangporn “Bo” Songvisava and Chef Dylan Jones of 1 Star Michelin Bo.lan restaurant, follow the now-essential trend by having their food delivered to your door. Known for being the pioneers of sustainable- environmentally conscious restaurants in Bangkok, the new format will be – of course – be more environmentally sound. The Bo.lan team will serve their delivery and takeaway sets in reusable pinto boxes but you need to give 500THB deposit for tiffin. This is ideal for those who want to try the famous Chefs’ local-centric food and do your bit to ease the impact of single-use packaging at the same time. 

Menu Highlight: Mini meals on Tuesday & Thursday  2 dishes + rice [for 2 persons to share] (850THB), Saturday Full meal 4 dishes + rice [for 2-3 persons to share) [1500] (Sales from 1,500THB does not include delivery fee.)
Tel: 02 260 2962
PM: FB: Bo.Lan


          Good news! A local ingredient-driven TAAN and its concept of Forward-Thai dishes are ready for delivery. Renowned for serving food that looks as good as it tastes, had to change its game. Chef Monthep Kamolsilp who is behind TAAN’s menu, gave some of his dishes a casual makeover in order to please his customers needs and budget during the time of social distancing. However, taste has not been discounted from this menu and have become a hit with new and old fans, with some of Chef’s dishes selling out per day, like the limited Himawari Wagyu Beef.

Menu Highlights: Tapaothong Chicken (280THBB), Phupan Black Chicken (290THB) and Himawari Wagyu Beef (380THB)
Tel: 065 328 7374. When you submit your order you have to make payment through bank transfer only for Bangkok Bank: 152-4-56299-6 and Krungsri Bank: 123-1-54055-5


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Restaurant Stage

          About 2 months ago, the former Head Chef of Joël Robuchon Bangkok, Chef Sainisa “Jay” Sangsingkeaw along with her former Robuchon Bangkok team enjoying their new-found success of the new Restaurant Stage…and then COVID-19 hit the town. This Modern European establishment with French technique is hidden inside Ekamai Complex serving high-quality ingredients with reasonably-priced fine dining. Now for those who are stuck at home can enjoy food from Restaurant Stage through delivery. The current menu, like most restaurants, are adapted to a delivery friendly format which is a more “homey” version, one would say. Now is the time to try Stage’s fine burger of Wagyu Beef with Emmental Cheese and Smoked Bacon, Truffle Hot Dog or why not sample the Lamb Quiche served with Salad.

Menu Highlights: Wagyu Burger/ Emmental Cheese/ Smoked Bacon [Contains nuts and pork] (390THB), Truffle Hot Dog [ 2 pcs/ portion] (650THB), Lam Quiche/ Salad (250THB) and Truffle Mashed Potato (200THB)
Tel: 02 002 5253, 083 623 4444
Other: LINE: @stagebkk


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          R.HAAN is a Thai fine dining establishment which positions themselves as a cuisine dedicated to preserving of Thai heritage. Chef Chumpol Jangprai, a celebrity chef before opening R-Haan with some heavyweight partners. Chef Chumpol’s careful precision cuisine has attracted Michelin inspectors, honouring the restaurant with 2 Michelin Stars in 2019. Now that his loyal customers are in lockdown, this fine-dining chef has had to adapt the Thai menu to one that’s delivery friendly also. 

Menu Highlights: 8 Courses Menu contains your choice of the main dish with Wild Boar Stir-Fried Red Curry with Cardamom served with Thai Organic Jasmine Rice or GABA Rice and finish with a set of desserts with “Petit Four” (2,912THB++) and The Symphony of Thai Taste Summer Samrub (1,712 THB+Delivery Fee 100THB)
Tel: 095 141 5524
Other: LINE: @ironstarchef2go


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Mia Restaurant

          Known for decadent meals like the Foie Gras Donut with Prune Jam, this Modern European restaurant named Mia aims to give its customers a refined but playful dining experience. Since they recently opened in Khlong Toei. Mia has provided their customers with a pleasing mixture of luxury and comfort. The house located in designed with intimate spaces, booths seating and mood lighting. But since self-quarantine, those joys have temporarily been taken away, yet Mia has decided to continue to serve fans their signature dishes but in a new delivery format. 

Menu Highlights: Foie Gras Donut/ Prune Jam (360THB), Black Truffle Risotto/ 36-Month-old Parmesan (560TH), Baked Salmon/ Sugar Snap Pea Salad/ Crushed Potato (540THB) Crab Capellini/ Homemade Chili Paste/ Ikura (420THB) and Dinner for Two (1,300THB)
Tel: 02 258 6745
App: Lineman


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Ruen Urai

          Rose Hotel Bangkok’s Ruen Urai is one of Royal Thai cuisines with Thai traditional ambience that many foodies like to indulge in both food and scenery. Located in the heart of Silom but hidden in a secluded backstreet has long been a hotspot for travellers and local Thais looking to experience fine cuisine in an old-time setting. A secret oasis in the middle of the city, surrounded by lush green gardens. Right now there are no visitors, with the shutdown Ruen Urai has sought to bring customers their extensive a la carte menu at net price straight to your door, starting from 31st May 2020. 

Menu Highlights: Sea Bass Stir-Fried with Aromatic Thai Herbs (300THB), Salmon in Dried Red Curry Sauce (400THB), Stir-Fried Beef Sirloin with Tree Basil Leaves (300THB) and Dry Panang Curry Lamb Chops (600THBB)
Tel: 097 230 5519
Other: LINE: @ruenurai2007


          A Bangkok’s Kushiyaki restaurant with an interesting history and name, as it was once a gambling house, JUA has taken the Kushiyaki style of cooking of grilling meat and vegetable skewers over binchotan or Japanese charcoal. JUA, now facing the same fate as all other restaurants have found ways to ensure they continue to fill your stomach with an a la carte menu and bento box sets of skewers, grilled fishes, fried dishes or poke served with a bowl of rice, miso soup, green salad, potato salad and pickles. 

Menu Highlights: Pork Belly Skewers Bento Set (400THB), Yellowtail Collar Bento Set (450THB) and Creamy Sriracha/Soy Poke Bento Set (420THB)
Tel: 02 103 6598
Other: LINE: @jua.bkk


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          Chefs Napol Jantraget and Saki Hoshino who were recently awarded #47 Asia’s 50 best status, not long after accepting their first Michelin Star, sought to please their customers during the Bangkok Lockdown, keeping in mind, saving their beloved suppliers like local fishermen and farmers. The menu will change every day according to what is freshly caught. Whatever the fishermen catch in the lines or whatever grows in the farmers’ farms 80/20 will serve them up for you, so better get yourself updated regularly before ordering and know you’re doing your bit to help the people who make this country and food great. 

Menu Highlights: They change their menu every day. Check it out on their Facebook page.
Tel: 099 118 2200 / 02 234 2822
PM:  8020bkk
Other: Line: @8020bkk


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Karmakamet Diner

          This popular restaurant is known for its rustic and stylised decor and sleek creative design features which match their casually fine cuisine, have had to shut their doors but not their kitchens. Instead, Chef Jutamas “Som” Theantae and her team have invented a menu, which replaces decadent brunch favourites for hearty and highly flavourful pasta and noodles served in minimalist Chinese take-out boxes. Also about to be released are rather extravagant or creative burgers, like the Duck Confit burger and the Sai Oua Burger which comes with half egg and cherry tomato sides. The Diner also plans to introduce ‘Diner Favourites”, a selection of customer’s most beloved dishes like the Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese (24 hour pre-booking) and the Avocado, Mango and Prawn Salad. So be sure to watch this space! 

Menu Highlights: Portobello and Anchovy Spaghetti (290THB), Hand Roll Pici Noodle Nduja and Sai Oua Meatball Olio (390THB) [Every dish includes Free Butter Brioche or Tomato Bread or Onion Bread]
Tel: 02 262 0700
PM: Karmakamet Diner
App: LineMan
Other: LINE: @karmakametdiner


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Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen

           A Michelin Guide (Plate) restaurant of 2020, known for Tuscan-styled food. Chef Francesco Lenzi moved to Bangkok to cook for both locals and expats with full attention to detail. Chef Francesco Lenzi uses fresh ingredients and butchery from his uncle’s farm imported from Tuscany, Italy to ensure that the meal will bring authenticity to the experience. Chef Lenzi also works with local organic suppliers, which not only satisfy the customer’s need for freshness but also support some local producers. Since COVID-19 struck Thailand’s food industry, many establishments in Bangkok/Thailand adapted their fine offerings to delivery and Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen is no exception. To adapt to the situation, Chef Francesco decided to reduce the à la carte menu and divide it into a traditional menu and signature menu to please the various tastes of his loyal customers whilst being delivery friendly.

Menu Highlights: I rigatoni di San Miniato: Rigatoni pasta with Tuscan sausage from Lenzi’s farm, porcini mushroom & truffle from San Miniato in Tuscany (580THB), Filetto Alla Rossini Pan-seared 270-Days Australian Angus beef Tenderloin topped with pan-fried French foie gras & black truffle from San Miniato in Tuscany (1,490THB) and Homemade tomato sauce, puttanesca sauce, beef & wild boar ragu (190THB to 350THB)

Tel: 020010116 or 0952515040
PM:  FB: Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen
App: Lineman and Grab
Other: LINE: lenzidelivery

New and Noted: 

Berlin’ Doner Kebab

          Not exactly ‘fine’ but this new kebab place in town, Berlin’s Doner Kebab, yes we said Berlin as in Germany, presents “Berlin Style Kebab ” sandwiches and wraps. What’s the difference you ask? Well according to the Chef they are more upper scale in terms of quality, freshness and presentation compared to your average greasy street Kebab. A lot of what they produce is made in-house such as their wraps and thin ‘pizzas’, sauces and accompaniments. They don’t buy their spit meat ready either like so many, they do this also in-house. Although Berlin’s Doner Kebab opened in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis in Bangkok, it appears that they are now already prepared for delivery. Our personal highlight is the Doner Lahmacuns, the thin and crispy Turkish pizza wraps which you can choose your fillings; Beef and Lamb, or Chicken

Menu Highlights: Beef and Lamb Durum Wrap (280THB), Chicken Durun Wrap (240THB), Falafel Durum Wrap (230THB), Beef and Lamb Lahmacun (300THB), and Chicken Lahmacun (260THB)
PM: FB: Berlin’s Doner Kebab Thailand
App: LineMan


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