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  • Eastbound

    Beyond baguettes, the placemat menu lists rolls and noodles, none of which really scale the same heights. The crispy egg rolls (B160) pack ground pork, taro, cabbage and vermicelli noodles into satisfyingly crunchy, not-too-oily morsels. The beef pho (B200) features another of those fusion touches, swimming with at least two types of mushroom. Overall, our recent bowl was solid if not spectacular thanks to a slightly watery broth and lack of garnishes, but the thin slithers of meat were nonetheless Read more ...

  • Le Dalat

    The year was 1936. It was “La Belle Epoque” in Indochina. Saigon was the Paris of the Orient, and Le Dalat, le Bois de Boulogne of South Vietnam. Vietnamese cuisine was at long last being accepted by the French, adding a few Gallic flavours of their own.

    In this atmosphere of peace and prosperity, a stunning young woman, Hoa Ly, had just finished her education at the famous Couvent des Oiseaux, on Rue Mac Mahon, now renamed Cong Ly. Just Read more ...