All Bars

  • Brix Dessert Bar

    Anybody who walks up on the 2nd floor of The Commons project will have to notice the Brix Bar Dessert shop, certainly, because even a pastry shop but was observed to mountain, from storefront. When I walked into a shop, a bar with drinks for those who want to eat yourself comfortable seating or daring to sit and chill it unveiled.

  • Eats Payao Bistro & Bar

    Eats Payao! Authentic home cooked northern Thai cuisine. A majority of our ingredients used in our various items are grown on our farm in Payao.

  • El Tapeo – Spanish Eatery and Wine Bar

              At “El Tapeo – Spanish Eatery & Wine Bar” we aim to bring the livelihood and authenticity of Spanish bars and restaurants to the very heart of Bangkok. Inspired by the bar and dining atmosphere of Spain we offer a down to earth and authentic approach to the Spanish eating culture.  In a style that can be compared with the one of Japanese “Izakayas”, Spanish tabernas (a combination of bar and restaurant) are the perfect places for people to Read more ...

  • Flat Marble

    Nestled down the quiet backstreets of Soi Ari is a small glasshouse that looks unlike any other restaurant in town.

    At Flat Marble there’s only room for 11 diners at a time. You can order delicately plated international dishes from the monthly-rotating a la carte menu at the marble countertop.

    Chefs Peechaya Sukviboon and Fahmanunya Chatraphuti’s current specialties include US prime rib-eye steak, black truffle spaghetti and chocolate creme brulee. Reservations recommended and it’s cash only.

  • Kuh Grill & Bar

    Because they like to eat meat, and every time I eat at restaurants it is discussing whether it would make a store that people eat to eat steak like a friends or not, would never be a friend to the shop. Friends, we don’t need it so much. In the same simple monosyllabic words, but there is a rare taste, not General.   Now we have this operation 😀 Want to make all your friends come and try me 🙂 Read more ...