Chef Gert of Hertog Jan*** for 3 nights in Bangkok at Sühring

          Probably on every hardcore foodies bucket list is to experience the  wonderful splendor of Hertog Jan, a Three-star Michelin restaurant in Loppem – Zedelgem near Bruges.

          At Hertog Jan, Chef Gert De Mangeleer leads the kitchen along with his “culinary soul-mate” & Sommelier of the Year, Joachim Boudens. Now those who longed need not wait any longer to sample, because Chef Gert De Mangeleer is coming to Bangkok and will be going head to “heads” with the Sühring twins. 

          The emphasis at Hertog Jan is on seasonal produce (available directly outside their restaurant) with simplicity in mind but with an extraordinary amount of detail and respect for natural produce. Sühring’s aspect are somewhat similar but with a distinct contemporary German edge.

          Chef Gert will be cooking between 13th – 15th of December at none-other-than Sühring Restaurant.This is going to be one culinary showdown to end a Michelin madness year.

          For more information or to reserve a table, go to

We are very excited 😊 to welcome for the first time in Thailand our dear friend and amazing Chef 👨‍🍳 @gertdemangeleer …

Posted by Sühring on Monday, 13 November 2017

BKF: After receiving your first star, what is your advice to Chefs who strive for the elusive 3 stars?

          G: Keep on going and come out of you comfort zone. Never be satisfied, always try to do better.

BKF: Did you start off envisioning the food in which you’ve created today? Or have you evolved in completely different directions throughout your journey?

          G: Becoming a great chef takes some time, you have to look for your own identity, you needs to follow your heart and soul. Once you created an own personal style, you can start to develop it, to make it more pure, its a never ending story


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BKF: What do you think of Urban Farming for Farm-to-table restaurants? Do you think it’s a viable industry in big cities such as Bangkok?

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          G: For sure its possible in big cities, it also depends on the climate and the terroir.

BKF: What is the secret to your dynamics with your partner – Joachim Boudens?

          G: We are Ying and Yang! My weakness is his strength, my strength is his weakness.

BKF: As you mentioned you were in Thailand earlier this year and loved Thai food due to it’s colourfulness, tastiness and spicy accent. What would you say are the fundamental differences to Thai compared to your own style of dishes?

          G: The main products and the spiciness.

BKF: What is your favorite Thai dish and explain a little bit about why?

           G: I’m really in love with the currys, because they are always different, complex and very tasty.


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BKF: Do you think some street food that doesn’t use organic or high quality produce should be entitled to Michelin Stars too?

          G: Quality is the keyword for success.

BKF: Do you often mistake Thomas Sühring for Mathias Sühring and visa versa and how long did/ will it take you to work it out? 

          G: Yes indeed, not difficult, my goal is to recognize them by the end of the event 🙂

BKF: What do you love about the Sühring brothers cuisine?

          G: Its a very honest and pure kitchen, inventive but with lots of respect for the main product.

BKF: What are some things on your “hit-list” for your Bangkok Tour? Ie: places to eat, activities to do and see.

          G: I will follow people like the twins