By Wariya I.

          Following the listicle of upscale restaurants which have adapted to delivery, we also came to the conclusion that not all of us, foodies, depend on restaurants to dine – Lord forbid! Cooking at home is something that many of us like to do when we have free time and when on a budget, ingredients may stretch over several meals. The COVID-19 lock-in became a forced opportunity for those who do or do not have a passion or inclination for cooking, to suddenly find themselves spending a lot more time in their kitchens. Foodies are now even sending homemade meals to their friends!

          The outbreak of the infamous virus created greater health concerns amongst the public, they began looking for something other than mass industrial products, ones that many supermarkets don’t usually provide, plus many were charging exorbitant amounts for fresh, non-organic produce and imposing ridiculous wait times to receive their deliveries. Foodies are now looking further into food safety and security, such as certified organic or chemical-free vegetables, free-range proteins and all-natural products.


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          Although people are still able to go out and buy groceries, it can still be a harrowing experience for some. “How many people handled my eggs”? This chicken says organic but there’s no certification, and why is this carrot the size of my head and it costs the size of a small boat? Who breathed on my bread? Ok, it’s a bit dramatic, yet still, why are we clawing away through throngs of people and lining checkout queues to get that last bit of wilted lettuce when there are small and independent grocers and food stores all over Bangkok that could more than satisfy your needs (minus the toilet paper). These are the establishments desperately seeking for your support and are supporting local farms and small producers in return. 


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          Tired of all the bitching about queues and lack of specialty products, Bangkok Foodies sought out a number of small independent groceries that deliver quality, fresh and delicious food supplies to your home. Whether you want to cook or even combine those groceries with order-in delivery meals, you’ll be doing your bit for independent grocers to survive among the giant market players and also doing a bit for yourself, by getting off your beautiful backside. Who knows, you may become quite the food expert once this all blows over.

About Eatery *Reopens 30th April* 

          Concerning health and environment, About Eatery is famous for being a sustainable-friendly Italian restaurant that pairs their food with natural wine. We are certain that many foodies may have tried some of their dishes like their Croqueta de Jamón, Polpette, Pappardelle Wagyu Bolognese but other than being a restaurant, About Eatery is also a mini grocer as well. Cheese, charcuterie and natural wine are from sustainable, organic and biodynamic small artisan growers who, like the restaurant/ grocery, strive for both environmental harmony and delicious flavour. Those foodies who enjoy eating some authentic Italian cheese with wine can get their favourites delivered to them while trying to save the world by staying at home. Just because we are stuck at home, it doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy our favourite delicacy.

          Specialities: Brut Zero Grand Cru, Varnier Fanniere from Champagne, France (3,950THB), Musar Jeune 2018, Château Muzar from Valley, Lebanon (1,850THB), L’Atypique Pinot Gris 2014, Sato from Central Otago, New Zealand (3,200THB), Sottocenere “Under Hash” with Truffle (35g/ 180THB, 50g/ 260THB and 100g/ 500THB), Cusie’ Foglia di Castagno Ocelli (35g/ 380THB, 50g/540THB and 980THB), Nduja Sausage (35g/ 110THB, 50g/ 150THB and 100g/ 290THB) and Truffle Salami (35g/ 160THB, 50g/ 220THB and 100g/ 430THB)


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Tel: 026652772 or 092-9072191
FB: About Eatery
IG: abouteatery

Barefood Bangkok

          Vegetarians and Vegans, don’t worry because Barefood Bangkok opens to deliver vegetable and plants based products to your door. Since the number of people who are Vegetarians and Vegans is growing, Barefood Bangkok’s co owner, Taksina Nuangsri-Anttila who welcomes veganism, believes it is her mission to open a grocery special for the people who seek out vegan products without having to resort to tastless and boring subsititutes. This grocery is famous for making their own nut cheese, a Vegan alternative to traditional dairy cheese which is loaded with robust flavours and not too much dissimilar to the cheese we know. Barefood Bangkok is also a place that sells veggie patties and vegan bread for people who live by a no-meat-and-dairy policy, to buy and cook at home or also order in ready-made. If you’re looking for fresh tempeh, a Vegetarians and Vegans’ favourite, to put on your salad or deep-fried with with some honey, you’ll find it available, plus many more Vegan delights are available at Barefood Bangkok.

          Specialities: Pure Classic Nut Cheese (220THB), Mixed Herbs Nut Cheese (250THB), Truffle Nut Cheese (250THB), A Pack of 6 Veggie Patties (450THB), Barefood Wholegrain Foccacia (65THB) 

Tel: 098 924 6995
FB: BarefoodBangkok
LINEMAN: Barefood Bangkok สุขุมวิท61

Cagette Canteen and Deli

          Located in the centre of Sathorn Area, this is a place where most people come to enjoy the food and the flourishing garden view. Cagette Canteen and Deli is also a grocery providing charcuterie, cheese and seafood, aiming to give quality products focusing on quality seafood, such as live Maine Lobsters, oysters and carpet shellfish, or if you’d like to spice your dinner up, why don’t you try some white tarama, smoked salmon rillette and a French favourite, the raclette. There’s no need to compromise on exotic foods during Bangkok’s Lockdown. Cagette Canteen and Deli online shop is available now.

          Specialities: Live Main Lobster 900g (Special Price 1,990THB), Carpet Shellfish (Special Price 75g/ 75THB), White Tarama 45% (Special Price 50g/85THB) and RRaclette de Savoie (Special Price 50g/84THB)


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Tel: 02 249 1684
FB: Cagette Canteen and Deli
IG: cagettebkk

El Mercado

          One of Bangkok’s most famous delicatessan is a medium sized franchise with 2 outlets, known as “El Mercado”. One is tucked in Soi Phaisingtho and another one in Soi Suan Phlu. El Mercado imports wine, cheese and exotic charcuterie from Southern Europe. A leg of Iberico ham, figs stuffed with foie gras or thirty-something month-old Comte cheese are available for those homesick for top quality cured meats. Selling land locked products isn’t only what El Mercado is about, they also provide imported frozen fishes which you can find a chunk of Norwegian salmon fillet, a whole Spanish seabass and a big flat Turbot. In the fruit de mar season, oysters are also available and at El Mercado, to which they have a wide selection from France. You can choose from Fines de Cancale to Gillardeau No.2. It would be a sure way to put a smile on those oyster lovers’ faces during any pandemic.

Hungry for more ?

          Specialities: Figs Stuffed with Foie Gras (290THB), A Leg of Iberico Ham (899THB) and Gillardeau No.2 Oyster (249THB) 


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Tel: 0 99 078 3444 (Soi Phaisingtho) and 02 046 2442 (Soi Suan Phlu)
FB: El Mercado
IG: elmercado_bangkok


          Joe Sloane is a British-born butcher who spent almost 2 decades working in five-star hotels until partnering with the Michelin-starred restaurants Chefs Bo and Dylan of Bo.lan. Sloane’s is a sustainable-friendly butchery with groceries, supplying to both chefs in Thailand and home consumers since 2009. Sloane’s focus is selling butchery to which they work closely with producers who share the same ethics. Their sausages, bacon, pork, beef and poultry are qualified as one of the most natural and sustainable in Thailand, so carnivours can feel more reassured of quality and more humane practises when buying from Sloane’s. Being a meat-centric place, Sloane’s also provides his famous housemade sauces and rubs and even cast iron pans to cook your meat at home. As the joint adopted the ‘Zero Waste’ and ‘Nose to Tail’ philosophy, Slone’s also produces a range of dog food for our canine friends. 

          Specialities: Cranberry Porchetta 3kg (1,500THB), BBQ BOX (10/ 3,490THB, 20/ 6,890THB, 30/ 9,990THB and 40/ 11,190THB), Haggis (340THB), Gluten-Free Cumberland (299THB), Black Pudding (150THB), Calves Liver (240THB), Thai Angus T-Bone Steak (480THB), Thai Whiskey BBBQ Sauce (130THB) and Apple & Ale Sauce (195THB)


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With the outbreak of coronavirus, it is now more important than ever to maintain good hygiene at home and in public places. As a HACCP-certified company, the safety and well-being of our customers are our top priorities and we continue to follow strict hygiene practices in order to keep our staff and customers safe.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ จากการระบาดของ coronavirus ในขณะนี้ทำให้เราเล็งเห็นมากขึ้นกว่าเดิมในการรักษาสุขอนามัยที่ดีทั้งที่บ้านและในที่สาธารณะ ในฐานะ บริษัท ที่ได้รับการรับรอง HACCP ความปลอดภัยและความเป็นอยู่ที่ดีของลูกค้าของเราเป็นสิ่งสำคัญอันดับแรก และเรายังคงปฏิบัติตามหลักสุขลักษณะที่เข้มงวดเพื่อให้พนักงานและลูกค้าของเราปลอดภัย⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ For more information:⁠⠀ สอบถามเพิ่มเติม:⁠⠀ 📞 02 398 2294⁠⠀ ✉⁠⠀ 💻⁠⠀ #natural #highwelfare #freerange #sloanesbkk #sloanes #butchery #artisanalbutcher #naturalfood #butcher #meats #foodstagram #instafood #aroii #bonappetitbkk #eatoutbkk #eatandshout #paigingun #starvingtime #eatguide #kinlag⁠⠀

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Tel: 02-398-2294/5 or 02-398-220
FB: Sloane’s
IG: sloanesbkk
Line ID: sloanesbkk

Sourced Grocers

          Tucked inside The Commons Thonglor 17, Sourced Grocers are known by many for their tasty Chicken Caesar Wrap, Grocer’s Meatballs or Chicken Parmigiana but if you were to ever step into their establishment you would find the shelves filled with cheese, charcuterie, figs, apricots, black olives, pasta sauces and bread. Also, you can find some local products such as chocolate from Chiang Mai or Kombucha. Usually, this place attracts Gen Y – Gen Z who would prefer to avoid mass supermarkets or overtly fancy boutiques, as Sourced offers a space with a little more edge but is filled with popular, quality products. Since The Commons along with places that attract crowd are ordered by the authority to temporarily close for dine-in during COVID-19, Sourced Grocers will send the grocery to you by delivery or takeaway service, so you can enjoy making grilled brie or camembert at home with those scrumptious figs and apricots.

          Specialities: Brie de Maubert (50g/ 115THB and 100g/ 230THB), Truffle Brie (50g/ 245THB and 100g/ 490THB), Camembert (50g/ 145THB and 100g/ 290THB), Jamon Serrano (50g/ 140THB and 100g/ 280THB), Prosciutto di Parma (50g/ 150THB and 100g/ 300THB), Figs (60THB), Apricots (60THB), Bolognese Sauce (220THB) and Truffle Cream (260THB)


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Tel: 094 526 4416
FB: Sourrced Grocers
IG: sourcedgrocers
Line ID: @sourcedgrocers

VIVIN Grocery

          Located in Ekamai Complex, VIVIN Grocery, owned by Nicolas “Nico” Vivin, a French man who fell in love with Thailand since his internship at Oriental Hotel Bangkok back in the early 2000s has opened his own stand-alone grocery store with his business partner wife. After 6 years from vending at markets and supplying products to supermarket shelves, it was time to create a unique space for artisanal, natural and local products. The small but plentiful establishment supplies products such as local goat and cow cheese, bread and bakery, butchery meats, free range eggs, yogurt, certified organic vegetables along with CSA Boxes, chutneys, pasta, cold cuts, spirits, wine and much more. For ready-to-eat, VIVIN Grocery  are known for their “APÉRO BOX”, an eco-friendly cheese and charcuterie box which is filled with local delicacies made in Thailand, perfect for pairing with your favourite wines. Everything is available for delivery, you can order directly from them to which they will arrange a driver or you may arrange a Grab or Lineman to pick up your groceries.

          Specialities: Made in Thailand; Cheese, Cold Cuts, Western-Style Vegetable (Certified Organic CSA BOX) & APÉRO BOX

Tel: 080 463 5747
FB: VIVIN Grocery
IG: vivinmaison
Line ID: @vivingrocery


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