Phuket Foodies Review – Acqua

Don’t be alarmed by the invasion of branding in this slick 90’s-esque restaurant. The chair covers, the plates, the utensils and even the vases and bread baskets have ACQUA’s bold and squared-off font emblazoned on them. If a little nostalgic of the black and white ‘modern’ era, the restaurant sparkles under dim lights and the furniture is superbly comfortable.

Acqua #bangkokfoodies

While the ACQUA decor is much similar to an exclusive beachside lounge, this restaurant sits directly on a main road close to Patong beach, the busiest and dare I say, sleaziest beach on Phuket Island. Although you would not believe it, once passing through a miniature forest of arched plants to find its entrance, there is very little of the flip-flop and fake Rayban factor here.

Acqua #bangkokfoodies

Chef Alessandro, a slight and well groomed handsome man with bulging eyes that also sparkle under the dim lights, will welcome you warmly as e doea with the many others who walk through the door to embrace him like a dear old friend. Certainly a favorite among the well-to-do expatriate locals and after talking with Alessandro it’s not hard to see why.



Without giving away too much of what each meal taste like, as this is more of a establishment discovery than a review,t there’s absolutely no going pass ACQUA’s Signature Degustation Menu (2500++). It is the ultimate sampling in the exploration of Alessandro’s deepest passions. His flavours are fiercely fresh and refined. His army of cooks have each bite down to a meticulous detail. Technique and finesse are at the forefront and Alessandro controls every aspect of this, which is impressive and admirable to see of chefs who have been in the industry for the longest time and still manage to carry the flame.

Acqua #bangkokfoodies

Acqua #bangkokfoodies

There are about 12 servings, which were morsels. However, you will be feeling comfortably stuffed before the dessert arrives. Size matters, but taste rules. Highlights were the slow cooked egg with cheese fondue and fresh truffle, the Foie Gras scallop, and the caviar, sea urchin and stracchino cheese risotto. The only real lowlight was the arancini ball which was dry and flavourless. There was a little of that excessive food presentation on faux marble rocks and ridiculously oversized plates that did give a slight douche element but this is not so unfitting in a outrageous and beautiful place like Phuket.

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(Disclaimer, photos are of low quality due to low lighting and having only a camera phone on hand)

Acqua Restaurant Phuket
324/15 Prabaramee Road, Kalim Bay
83150 Phuket
Tel: 076 618127
Opening Hours: 5.00 pm until 11.00 pm